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Book Review + Giveaway: All is Assuredly​ Well

Hey there bookworms! Today I am reviewing All Is Assuredly Well by Professor Gore and Maestro Wilson as part of their blog tour. This is a short and sweet review because it was a short and sweet book. Book Summary Genre: Children’s Books Publisher: Camille Lancaster Literary Children’s… Continue Reading “Book Review + Giveaway: All is Assuredly​ Well”

Book Review: Fifteen Minutes by Erinna Mettler

Another book reviewed for STORGY’s online publications. This one is called Fifteen Minutes by Erinna Mettler. This book was a collection of short stories and boy oh boy were they brilliant! There wasn’t really any that I didn’t like. One was about a mother… Continue Reading “Book Review: Fifteen Minutes by Erinna Mettler”

Happy Birthday Neil!

It is my buddy Neil’s birthday today and he is turning 26! This guy has recommended so many good books to me and is my go to for chatting about book storylines. When I finished Golden Son (the 2nd book in the red rising… Continue Reading “Happy Birthday Neil!”

Dani is not a spammer!

My friend Dani @ Touch My Spine Book Reviews is being attacked by WordPress for interacting with her fellow bloggers and liking/commenting on their posts. This is really not cool on WordPress’ part. I enjoy talking to Dani and she is always great for having… Continue Reading “Dani is not a spammer!”

Tuesday Thoughts by a Busy Blogger

Busy Busy Busy. I want to read and have no time with big deadlines at work and dog sitting this week. But to be fair, Marley is adorable! Hopefully I can get to reading more this week but in the meantime, if anyone wants… Continue Reading “Tuesday Thoughts by a Busy Blogger”

Lazy Sunday

It’s another lazy Sunday and I am starting a new book. It is my first NetGalley book called The Dark Grey Blanket by H. Burns. Thank you to Kathy @ Books and Munches for showing me what NetGalley is and getting me hooked on… Continue Reading “Lazy Sunday”

New Goodies!

This week has been amazing and super stressful at the same time. We moved buildings for work so it was heavily taxing for everyone involved. However, I received some really awesome bookish goodies in the mail so that made up for the stress 🙂… Continue Reading “New Goodies!”

Ready for the holiday season?

Well it is nearing the end of November and the Christmas season is upon us. I have so much Christmas shopping to do and everytime I am at the mall, all I want to do is go to Coles. When I am asked what… Continue Reading “Ready for the holiday season?”

Quick Update

So for the delay in posts. I had to postpone the book challenge posts for 2 days because I was travelling and visiting with family. I will be back at writing up some posts up today. There will be lots to share, the giveaway… Continue Reading “Quick Update”

Welcome to my Book Blog

This is the excerpt for your very first post.