Book Review + Giveaway: All is Assuredly​ Well

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Today I am reviewing All Is Assuredly Well by Professor Gore and Maestro Wilson as part of their blog tour. This is a short and sweet review because it was a short and sweet book.

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Book Summary

Genre: Children’s Books

Publisher: Camille Lancaster Literary Children’s Books

ISBN: 978-0-9998880-0-1

King Phillip the Good and his husband, The Most Excellent Don Carlos Emiliano Felipe de Compañero y Campañero, live sedate, uneventful lives until King Phillip dreams of having a baby girl. Structured around The Hero’s Journey, King Phillip must follow his mentor, the Blue Star, and encounter allies (a newt and a bluejay) and overcome gatekeepers (a biting fish and a bear) as he completes a series of tasks to prove himself worthy of becoming a father. Once proven, the Blue Star presents him with a baby girl in the middle of a fairy circle of a thousand different flowers in a thousand brilliant hues.  He returns home to present Baby Milliflora to his husband, and the loving husbands joyfully become loving fathers.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a children’s book so it was very simple but it gets the point across in a fun way. It is trying to show that there is nothing wrong with two men being fathers to a young girl and I fully support this. Love is love and that is all there is to it.

I like the illustrations too. They had me looking for all the little details that the artist took the time to incorporate into the book to make the story that much more intriguing.

Book Rating: 4/5

About the author, Professor Gore


Professor Gore’s proudest hours were spent in Federal Court testifying as an expert witness and plaintiff against the city she loved. The city commission had passed an amendment that banned Heather Has Two Mommies and Daddy’s Roommate from the children’s section of the public library. A storyteller, Professor Gore is delighted to contribute to the canon she once defended.

 About the Author, Maestro Wilson


Co-author Maestro Phillip Wilson is a retired band director, music teacher, composer, and arranger. A poet at heart, his love for wordplay and ear for rhythm and meter lend themselves well to the lyrical art of storytelling.

 About the Illustrator, Angie F. M. Trotter


Artist Angie F. M. Trotter holds a BA in Religion and Fine Art. Her pen and ink illustrations are an amalgamation of icons, illuminated manuscripts, stained glass window design, and her spiritual life. Her work has been compared to the masters of the Golden Age of British book illustration.

You can find out more about All is Assuredly Well and the authors and the illustrator online:



All is Assuredly Well is available as an eBook at

And now for the best part! The author’s provided me with an extra copy to host a giveaway 🙂 All you have to do is like this blog post and leave a comment and you will be entered to win.  I will throw in some more stickers with it for fun because who doesn’t like stickers. It is open to Internationally and the winner will be drawn on July 17th!

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You can get some extra entries through the link below if you like. Cheers everyone and good luck!

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Book Review: Fifteen Minutes by Erinna Mettler

Another book reviewed for STORGY’s online publications. This one is called Fifteen Minutes by Erinna Mettler. This book was a collection of short stories and boy oh boy were they brilliant! There wasn’t really any that I didn’t like.


One was about a mother who lost her son to illness and she couldn’t move on without him in her life. She was searching for anything that could bring him back to her and help her escape the constant weight pulling her down into a life of suffering without her child. Then she finds an owl in the attic that she believes has the spirit of her son in it. She feeds the owls and takes care of it as if it is her own child just to feel normal again.  I found this very sad but also interesting as everyone copes differently when dealing with grief. This mother chose a reality that was easier to handle than believing in her actual reality.

Another was about a girl who was born with a disability where her hand is permanently curled in towards her. She doesn’t allow this to stop her from becoming a track star. It was very inspiring and shows everyone that a disability doesn’t stop you from achieving your dreams.

My favorite one was about a girl who stops into a cafe for a job application and ends up having a nice chat with a gentleman while she waits to take her interview. This story shows how one little interaction helps her realize that she needs to think for herself and that she can’t just live to please others but has to live for herself. It kind of symbolizes the start of her life and breaking free from her chains.

All of the stories end with one line that just gives you chills and leaves you thinking “wow, now that is a statement”. Overall, I loved this collection of stories. They were refreshing and fun to read.

Book Rating: 4/5

Disclaimer: I was sent this book by STORGY to review and publish on their site.

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Talk to you later bookworms!

Happy Birthday Neil!

It is my buddy Neil’s birthday today and he is turning 26! This guy has recommended so many good books to me and is my go to for chatting about book storylines. When I finished Golden Son (the 2nd book in the red rising trilogy), I called him and we chatted about it for over an hour.

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So happy birthday buddy and I look forward to more awesome book recommendations and just getting into shenanigans with you wherever we go 😛

Also I reached 100 followers on my blog so that is really cool! I appreciate all the support from the bookish community. You guys are truly amazing 🙂 I really enjoy having all the conversations with fun book worms.

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Keep being awesome bookworms and I will talk to you soon!

Dani is not a spammer!

My friend Dani @ Touch My Spine Book Reviews is being attacked by WordPress for interacting with her fellow bloggers and liking/commenting on their posts. This is really not cool on WordPress’ part. I enjoy talking to Dani and she is always great for having a fun discussion abut books or just being a nice person. She doesn’t deserve to be called a spammer.

I couldn’t be more upset! I did nothing for spam behavior and I got sent this after inquiring about my followers!!! Look at this email!!!! I did nothing wrong at all guys! My spammish behavior was following like 5 or so people and commenting on my followers and posting a few times!!! Now it’s not […]

via So I might be Super Screwed Because of WordPress! Please read my followers! I might not be able to communicate much longer!😭 — Touch My Spine Book Reviews

The fact that the guy emailing her has the title of Happiness Engineer is a joke. He should recognize that she isn’t a spammer and help her out considering she put time and money into her website with them.

What do you think about this? Let me know in the comments.

Tuesday Thoughts by a Busy Blogger

Busy Busy Busy. I want to read and have no time with big deadlines at work and dog sitting this week. But to be fair, Marley is adorable!


Hopefully I can get to reading more this week but in the meantime, if anyone wants me to do a guest blog post for them and share one of their posts on my blog (as long as its about books) then send me a message and I will give you some recognition 🙂

I don’t even have that many followers lol just sharing the love and being part of the blogging community. Oh also, check out these socks by my co-worker. She is in a very festive spirit this month.


Ok hopefully talk soon about the book I am reading. Peace out bookworms.

Lazy Sunday

It’s another lazy Sunday and I am starting a new book. It is my first NetGalley book called The Dark Grey Blanket by H. Burns. Thank you to Kathy @ Books and Munches for showing me what NetGalley is and getting me hooked on a new way to read books before they are released.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 1.28.26 PM


The winters of ’76 and ’77 in the greater Detroit and Oakland County area of Michigan were extremely harsh, with record snowfall, brutal temperatures, and incessant howling winds. During these winters, a deranged serial killer preyed upon preteen and early teen victims, both male and female. As snow would begin to fall, the killer would hunt and abduct them, keep them at a secluded location, bathe them, meticulously groom them, feed them their favorite meal, and then wait for the next snowstorm. Under the cover of the next snowfall, the killer would hide their corpses in snowbanks on secondary roads, where they would be found by passing motorists.

This story is a fictional account of an over-the-hill detective, Frank Pellegrini, and his strange obsession in the pursuit of that killer.

I am pretty excited to start reading this one. Stay tuned for the review coming up 😛 If you want to read this too, you can find it on his website or click below to see it on Amazon:

New Goodies!

This week has been amazing and super stressful at the same time. We moved buildings for work so it was heavily taxing for everyone involved. However, I received some really awesome bookish goodies in the mail so that made up for the stress 🙂

Thank you to Machpherson Publishing for sending me some books to review for them which I will get to as soon as I am done my review for STORGY!


And then on top of that, I received a card from Kathy @ Books and Munches from our Christmas Card Exchange! It was everything I could have hoped for in a nerdy card 😛 and she made damn sure that I never forget about Dobby the house elf again…. 😀 (Best bookmark ever).


I have some reviews coming up and stayed tuned on the Instagram as I am doing a Harry Potter Photo Challenge for the month of December.

My friend Elizabeth showed me this cool morphing mug that changes colour with heat and reveals the Marauders Map so I had to show you guys. Here it is along with other cool Harry Potter stuff 😛

I wish I could buy all this things to satisfy the inner nerd in me. Anyways, have to get back to reading but talk to you soon bookworms!

Ready for the holiday season?

Well it is nearing the end of November and the Christmas season is upon us. I have so much Christmas shopping to do and everytime I am at the mall, all I want to do is go to Coles. When I am asked what I want for Christmas, my answer is always the same: Books (or gift cards to get more books)!

This year I decided to join Kathy @ Books and Munches in her Christmas card exchange. Last night I packaged up the Christmas Card and will be sending it to one lucky book blogger who will find a nice little gift inside (plus I added a Spiderman sticker because why not :P).

The cards I got were pretty cool and very Canadian.

You can find lots of other Christmas cards options on Amazon:


I am very excited for this book blogger to receive this card and hopefully send me a message. It’s really cool to know that through this blog, I can connect with other bloggers from all over the world and share cool content with them. If you ever get a chance to do a card exchange like this, I strongly suggest trying it out. It’s perfect for an introvert because you get to communicate with someone else through a gift without going anywhere.

Stay tuned guys and gals because I will be announcing the November Giveaway winner in 2 days and I have some goodies I received in the mail that I will be showing you! Talk to you soon bookworms.

Quick Update

So for the delay in posts. I had to postpone the book challenge posts for 2 days because I was travelling and visiting with family. I will be back at writing up some posts up today. There will be lots to share, the giveaway will be ending tomorrow and I will announce a winner on November 1st (I’m going to wait till after Halloween so everyone gets an extra day to submit an entry). I have also been nominated for the 2017 Liebster Award by Ari Augustine from Ravenous for Reads so I will be writing a post on that and nominating some fellow book bloggers I enjoy chatting with for the award!

Stay tuned bookworms, more to come very soon 🙂

Welcome to my Book Blog

Well I have finally done it. I have been playing around with the idea of starting a book blog for a long time now and said “what the heck, I am going to do it”!

Authors have been giving me free copies of their books so that I can read and review them. It is really fun to interact with authors from all over the world and get to hear their story, then read their books and feel them coming through the pages by their writing style.

Reading is one of my favourite things to do when I have spare time and so I am making it a full time hobby by writing reviews for all the books I read on this book blog starting today.

Each review will have links to Goodreads and sometimes Amazon where the reviewed book is listed and I will also be posting on Instagram so make sure to follow there!