Happy Birthday Neil!

It is my buddy Neil’s birthday today and he is turning 26! This guy has recommended so many good books to me and is my go to for chatting about book storylines. When I finished Golden Son (the 2nd book in the red rising trilogy), I called him and we chatted about it for over an hour.

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So happy birthday buddy and I look forward to more awesome book recommendations and just getting into shenanigans with you wherever we go 😛

Also I reached 100 followers on my blog so that is really cool! I appreciate all the support from the bookish community. You guys are truly amazing 🙂 I really enjoy having all the conversations with fun book worms.

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Keep being awesome bookworms and I will talk to you soon!

6 Comments on “Happy Birthday Neil!

  1. On your previous recommendation I just read and finished Red Rising yesterday. The only reason I didn’t start reading the 2nd book last night was because I couldn’t find where I’d placed my Kindle, which was fortunate as if I started reading it I’d be up till the early hours. I looked for the Kindle this a.m. but didn’t see it. Now as I type this I see it sitting on the shelf right about my laptop. ha. Must do work first though, then I’ll treat myself and start Golden Son.

    Also started reading the In Death series that were recommended by By Hook or By Book. I liked Eve. Roarke, not so much since he’s a bad-tempered controlling manipulative pinhead with a 1950s paternalistic attitude towards women. I just skip over the scenes in which he shows up, ignore all the touchy-feely emotional talky stuff. When you do that it’s pretty good. I read 2 already, and I put on hold Year One the newest Nora Roberts book (she writes the In Death series under a pseudonym) which sounds like quite a departure from her usual romance material.

    “It began on New Year’s Eve.

    The sickness came on suddenly, and spread quickly. The fear spread even faster. Within weeks, everything people counted on began to fail them. The electrical grid sputtered; law and government collapsed—and more than half of the world’s population was decimated.

    Where there had been order, there was now chaos. And as the power of science and technology receded, magic rose up in its place. Some of it is good, like the witchcraft worked by Lana Bingham, practicing in the loft apartment she shares with her lover, Max. Some of it is unimaginably evil, and it can lurk anywhere, around a corner, in fetid tunnels beneath the river—or in the ones you know and love the most.”

    • Nice!! I’m really glad you liked Red Rising 😀 LOL yes it is probably good that you didn’t get to it right away because you wouldn’t have put it down either. I will make sure to let Hooks and Books know that you read her recommendation too!

      • 2nd book even better. wow!! On to the 3rd tonight.

        You should have a monthly “best/recommended books” post–once a month we all recommend books, or point out the latest books that look worthwhile.

      • That is a fantastic idea! I will call the post “Recurring Recommendations” 🙂 And I am very impressed. You read at lightning speed !

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