Dani is not a spammer!

My friend Dani @ Touch My Spine Book Reviews is being attacked by WordPress for interacting with her fellow bloggers and liking/commenting on their posts. This is really not cool on WordPress’ part. I enjoy talking to Dani and she is always great for having a fun discussion abut books or just being a nice person. She doesn’t deserve to be called a spammer.

I couldn’t be more upset! I did nothing for spam behavior and I got sent this after inquiring about my followers!!! Look at this email!!!! I did nothing wrong at all guys! My spammish behavior was following like 5 or so people and commenting on my followers and posting a few times!!! Now it’s not […]

via So I might be Super Screwed Because of WordPress! Please read my followers! I might not be able to communicate much longer!😭 — Touch My Spine Book Reviews

The fact that the guy emailing her has the title of Happiness Engineer is a joke. He should recognize that she isn’t a spammer and help her out considering she put time and money into her website with them.

What do you think about this? Let me know in the comments.

34 Comments on “Dani is not a spammer!

    • Yep she is currently working on it but I will let her know, that is a very valid point!

    • Thanks so much for the advice Laura! I told them that I would take down the part to ask people to email them if they fixed it so when they received numerous amounts of emails they fixed it pretty quickly then! You guys are the best!

      • It sad that’s the level you had to go too though. Specially when you are a paying customer.

  1. The smiley face at the end of that dude’s email really bother’s me lol… I think WordPress should stay out of blocking blogs/ websites unless there’s a high volume of complaints made against it or something. Or they really need to revise what their definition of spam is 😂

    • Yea I know for a fact that she is not a spammer and I would stand up for her because she works hard on her site and is part of the friendly blogger community.

    • Thanks so much for your feedback on Erik’s awesome post Kylee! I agree that smiley face bothered the hell out of me and the Happiness Engineer! I wanted to hulk smash my email account when I read that! They really do need to revise their stuff!

  2. This happened to me last year but I contacted Akismet and had a completely different experience. It took them over a week to figure out why my comments were being flagged as spam, but they were very nice and gave me daily updates. I think Kris needs more “Happiness Engineer” training. Poor Dani.😒

  3. Every time I think of using Word Press for my own blog something like this makes me reconsider. You can also tell WP judgement is impaired because people with good judgement wouldn’t call their customer service people Happiness Engineer. And not to (continue to) pile on, but that passive-aggressive smiley face…..ugh!

    • Thanks for giving your feedback to Erik’s awesome post for support! That smiley face definitely did me in and they continued to call me a spammer for no reason but after the awesome support of my friends on here they stopped quickly. As much as WordPress drives me crazy with deleting my posts and stuff like this, I couldn’t be more happy with the support and friendships I have received on here! Everyone is so awesome!😊

    • I know, I haven’t experienced anything bad yet but I don’t like how they are treating others.

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