Book Review: Fifteen Minutes by Erinna Mettler

Another book reviewed for STORGY’s online publications. This one is called Fifteen Minutes by Erinna Mettler. This book was a collection of short stories and boy oh boy were they brilliant! There wasn’t really any that I didn’t like.


One was about a mother who lost her son to illness and she couldn’t move on without him in her life. She was searching for anything that could bring him back to her and help her escape the constant weight pulling her down into a life of suffering without her child. Then she finds an owl in the attic that she believes has the spirit of her son in it. She feeds the owls and takes care of it as if it is her own child just to feel normal again.  I found this very sad but also interesting as everyone copes differently when dealing with grief. This mother chose a reality that was easier to handle than believing in her actual reality.

Another was about a girl who was born with a disability where her hand is permanently curled in towards her. She doesn’t allow this to stop her from becoming a track star. It was very inspiring and shows everyone that a disability doesn’t stop you from achieving your dreams.

My favorite one was about a girl who stops into a cafe for a job application and ends up having a nice chat with a gentleman while she waits to take her interview. This story shows how one little interaction helps her realize that she needs to think for herself and that she can’t just live to please others but has to live for herself. It kind of symbolizes the start of her life and breaking free from her chains.

All of the stories end with one line that just gives you chills and leaves you thinking “wow, now that is a statement”. Overall, I loved this collection of stories. They were refreshing and fun to read.

Book Rating: 4/5

Disclaimer: I was sent this book by STORGY to review and publish on their site.

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