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Book Review: 1967 – A Coming of Age Story

I am on a book review spree right now! I be you haven’t seen this many reviews on consecutive days from me ever! This time I read 1967 – A Coming of Age Story by Richard W. Doornink. Synopsis: “1967” depicts the precarious moment… Continue Reading “Book Review: 1967 – A Coming of Age Story”

Book Spotlight: Busting the Brass Ceiling

Congratulations to author Linden Gross on the release of Fanchon Blake’s fascinating story, Busting the Brass Ceiling! Read on for more details and an exclusive excerpt from the book! Busting the Brass Ceiling: How a Heroic Female Cop Changed the Face of Policing Publication… Continue Reading “Book Spotlight: Busting the Brass Ceiling”

Book Spotlight: Clipped Wings

To celebrate the release of an upcoming documentary, Clipped Wings has received a timely re-release! I am thrilled to share this extraordinary book with all of you today! Please read on for an excerpt from Clipped Wings by Molly Merryman! Clipped Wings: The Rise… Continue Reading “Book Spotlight: Clipped Wings”

Book Spotlight: Tea With Rasputin

Welcome to the blog tour for gripping, thriller, Tea with Rasputin by Rolf Richardson! Tea with Rasputin Publication Date: July 22, 2020 Genre: Thriller GRIPPING GLOBE-TROTTING THRILLER WITH SURPRISES AND UNEXPECTED EVENTS It’s 1992 and during a routine layover in Anchorage Alaska, Greg Wilton (a First… Continue Reading “Book Spotlight: Tea With Rasputin”

Book Review: The Seven Keys of Hildegard – Of Love & Betrayal

I finished my last book on my July TBR on August 1st so I was just teensy bit late but I am counting it! This one was called The Seven Keys of Hildegard: Of Love & Betrayal by David Dupuis and is the 2nd… Continue Reading “Book Review: The Seven Keys of Hildegard – Of Love & Betrayal”

Book Review: When Life is Full of It

I may have been moving to a new house but our guy Chris has been keeping the reviews coming while I am away from the office. This time, he reviewed When Life Is Full Of It: Antidote for your Mind by Stan Belyshev. Warning,… Continue Reading “Book Review: When Life is Full of It”

Book Spotlight: In The Shadow Of The Hanging Tree

Today I have something a little different for you! This blog tour is for two amazing novels by author, Michael McLellan. I will be sharing my review of “insert book title here”, in addition to excerpts from both books and a giveaway to enter!… Continue Reading “Book Spotlight: In The Shadow Of The Hanging Tree”

Blog Tour: Knife’s Tell & Victorian Catsup

Explore the shadows of Victorian Era London and encounter a new Jack the Ripper tale like you’ve never read before in Daniel Dark’s Knife’s Tell & Victorian Catsup Blog Tour, taking place February 20-27! Knife’s Tell contains a tantalizing blend of thriller, horror, erotic,… Continue Reading “Blog Tour: Knife’s Tell & Victorian Catsup”

Book Review: The Occupation of Joe

Book review alert (insert alarm noise and picture a siren flashing)! This one was called The Occupation of Joe by Bill Baynes. It was a short book at only around 115 pages. and I flew through it (read it in one day :)). Synopsis: Tokyo,… Continue Reading “Book Review: The Occupation of Joe”

Book Review: Fred’s Funeral

New book review! This one was called Fred’s Funeral by Sandy Day. It was a quick read at only 114 pages but oh so interesting 🙂 The author even sent me a bookmark which was quite a nice little surprise when I opened up… Continue Reading “Book Review: Fred’s Funeral”