Book Spotlight: Mood Reader

I am so excited to share such a unique anthology with you all today! Imagine, a story for every mood. 42 different moods to be precise! Read on for more info and a chance to win a gift card for!


Mood Reader

Publication Date: February 8th, 2022

Genre: Various – Anthology

In a world too pressed for time, picking your next read can feel like a chore. Especially if you’re a mood reader. Will I be in the same mood tomorrow if I start this horror novel? I don’t even know WHAT mood I’m in. Today is fantasy but yesterday was historical fiction. This new anthology just might be the answer. Organized by genre and individually labeled with sub genres, the stories in Mood Reader are ready and waiting for whatever whim your mood takes today. Or tomorrow. Containing 42 stories from TikTok authors, Mood Reader is an anthology like no other. A collaborative group project. paving the way for readers who truly celebrate all genres. Within these pages you’ll find horror, fantasy, romance, suspense, humor, history, and a bit of spice. No matter your mood, we have a story for you.   

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A.M.Brown. Tired

Amanda Fernandes. I Come To The Tree

April Berry. Emily’s Revenge

April Berry. Good Fish in the Sea

B.A. McRae. Periwinkle

B. A. McRae. Denouement

Carmilla Voiez. The Magpie

Carmilla Voiez. Good News

Carrie Godfrey. Make A Wish

Christina E. Patrick. Just Desserts

Donna Taylor. Bloom

Donna Taylor. Little Black Box

Elizabeth Wilsea. Equals Until Eternity

Erica Jackson. What Lies Within

Erin Slegaitis-Smith. What The Catching Wood Caught

Francis Alex Cooke. A Pair of Cokes and a Cream Soda

Javier Garay. Make A Grown Up Read This

Jeni Lee. One Minute of Death

Jiya Kaye. The Human Files

Jocelyn Minton. Requiem of Sorrow

Juniper Lea. Unknown Caller

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Karen Ruhman. Lady Of The Night

Kata Cuic. Beloved

Kai Mathis. Julia

Lucas Barnes. Prepare

Luke Swanson. Black & Brown

Lynn Lipinski. Boggle on the Train

M. Williams. Chlorine Kisses

Melanie Forrest. Outcasts

Melanie Forrest. Departure

Melanie S. Wolfe.  TikTok Angel

Monica Misho-Grems. I Really Can’t Stay

Monroe A. Wildrose. The Great Journey

Nicole Zelniker. Torn to Pieces

Persephone Jayne. Leap Day

Rethley Gil Chiru. I Am One With The Universe

Shanti Leonard. On The Beach of Broken Shells

Sonya Lawson. Illuminating Manuscript

Stephanie Houseal. Abandoned

Stephanie Houseal. Imaginary

Veronique Manfredini. Holy Ransom Demands!

Zain Patton. First Passengers on a Hot Air Balloon

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