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Book Review: The Blood Within The Stone

Chris has been reading more and he even made his own book blog (This & That Reviews)! But today, he did a review for The Blood Within the Stone by T.R. Thompson so check out his review below! Synopsis: A shadow is spreading across… Continue Reading “Book Review: The Blood Within The Stone”

Book Spotlight: Double Barrel Horror

Welcome to the blog tour for Double Barrel Horror Volume #3, a collection of thrills and chills by six amazing authors! Hold onto your pants folks! Double Barrel (Volume 3) Publication Date:¬†March 22nd, 2020 Genre:¬†Anthology/ Horror/ Suspense Brace yourself for another two-barrel blast of… Continue Reading “Book Spotlight: Double Barrel Horror”

Book Review: When Life is Full of It

I may have been moving to a new house but our guy Chris has been keeping the reviews coming while I am away from the office. This time, he reviewed When Life Is Full Of It: Antidote for your Mind by Stan Belyshev. Warning,… Continue Reading “Book Review: When Life is Full of It”

Book Review: The White

Our external reviewer Chris is back with a review for us. He has been a little MIA traveling the world but alas we are all stuck at home now so he had some time to do some reading. This one was called The White:… Continue Reading “Book Review: The White”

Book Spotlight: Tomorrow and Yesterday

Welcome to the blog tour for Tomorrow and Yesterday, by Kris Francoeur! Read on for a sneak peek from the book and a chance to win a signed copy, plus a $20 Amazon gift card! Tomorrow and Yesterday Publication Date: January 28th, 2020 Genre:… Continue Reading “Book Spotlight: Tomorrow and Yesterday”

Book Spotlight: Venators by Devri Walls

THE DARK UNKNOWN BECKONS Welcome to Eon. An alternate dimension where fantasy and paranormal is reality, and humans sit at the bottom of the food chain. In this world of unadulterated power and ability, the innocent suffer greatly. The ruling council of Eon has… Continue Reading “Book Spotlight: Venators by Devri Walls”

Book Spotlight: Steel Reign

Hey Sci-Fi fans! I have a new release you’re going to want to check out! Read on for an excerpt from new release, Steel Reign: Flight of the Starship Concord by Braxton A. Cosby! Steel Reign: Flight of the Starship Concord Publication Date: February… Continue Reading “Book Spotlight: Steel Reign”

Book Review: The Speed Of Falling Objects

I have a new book review for you bookworms! This one was a totally random read since I picked it up off the freebie table when I was visiting Harper Collins. It is called The Speed Of Falling Objects by Nancy Richardson Fischer. Synopsis:… Continue Reading “Book Review: The Speed Of Falling Objects”

Book Spotlight: Heir Of Lies

Welcome to the blog tour for Heir of Lies, by Mallory McCartney! She’s gearing up to re-release her extremely popular Black Dawn series, starting with this beauty! Read on for an excerpt, tour details, and a chance to win print copies of this book… Continue Reading “Book Spotlight: Heir Of Lies”

Book Review: Lucky Star

Our external reviewer Sara sent in another review. She works at a library so she is always surrounded by books (that’s the dream) and then keeps on reading books for fun at home in her free time. She also is very passionate about her… Continue Reading “Book Review: Lucky Star”