What is your favourite book of all time?

Well it’s finally here, last day of the book challenge! I honestly have to think really hard for this one because there are so many books that I love. I know it only says one book but I am choosing two favourite books because I want to :P. My two faves which everyone has heard me talk about already so I won’t make this post long, are The Hunger Games by Suzanna Collins and Red Rising by Pierce Brown.

I’m sure you have heard me talk about both of these books enough so we will leave it that and you know they are my favourite. I’m kind of sad that the book challenge is over because I enjoyed doing it so much so I guess I will have to find another challenge to do between book reviews.

You can find the books on Amazon here:

I should have a review coming soon for a book full of ghost short stories that was sent to me by STORGY of stay tuned! Also let me know what your favourite book of all time is in the comments below 🙂 Oh and on a cheery note, my blog received 500 likes so thank you to everyone who is supporting me and reading the blog! I really appreciate it guys.

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  1. Yep, this is a tough one. You have to leave years between the reading and the decision of favourite book. If you can look back years later and remember a book and how it made you feel then that would be a favourite. All the others just blend into the background even if you enjoyed them when you read them.

    Lord of the Rings is a good one (it is one of the few books I’ve read more than once). The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever is up there as a favourite. The Last of the Curlews by Bodsworth is a gem of a book (I should have put that one down for a book you think more people should read).

    For non-fiction my favs are
    When Life Nearly Died by Benton (a detective story to uncover the cause(s) of the greatest mass extinction of all time).

    After the Ice Age by Pielou (another detective story, this one working out how things changed as the ice receded).

    Voyage of the Turtle by Safina (a powerful book on sea turtles, their migrations, their breeding areas, and the dangers they face resulting in dramatic declines in populations; but, also a story of how enacting simple easy changes results in populations recovering so despite many of the depressing realities there is also hope as some populations immediately start to recover once the changes are made).

    • That seaturtles one sounds very interesting! Lord of the Rings seems to be a fan favorite 😜

  2. The Hunger Games I think is my favorite saga too! So sad! So intense! So cool! So romantic! haha It triggered my love of reading! Great to hear that other people find it as well their favorite!

    • Yes it was very intense!! I read the whole series in less than a week and it was during exams too lol. I figured there are much better ways to spend life than studying ;P

      • I did it in two because I had to buy the other two. later on. Haha I love to “procrastinate” work/school things in that way only haha oh man I need to read them again! XD

      • Yea I really want to read them again! I was very happy with the movie franchise too. They did a great job.

      • Ob sweet Jesus! Yes! They are really really good! On of the best adaptations ever seen by this mortal’s eyes! Haha

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