What book did everyone hate but you liked?

I think I may have talked about this book before and I’m not sure that everyone hated it but I know it received a lot of backlash because of its ending. The book I chose was Allegiant by Veronica Roth, the conclusion to the Divergent series.


I don’t need to put a synopsis because I have talked about it before but yes I really enjoyed this book because of how the author ended it.


It was the first time I encountered an author killing off the main character that they have built up throughout the series. You grow to love this amazing, strong female character and then the author goes and rips her away from you in the last couple chapters. Most people hated this and were mad about the ending but I liked it as I had never encountered it before in a book and it genuinely surprised me.


Besides this can’t be as bad as the ending to Twilight, what a build up to nothing actually happening. Less cliffhanger and more falling off a cliff and face planting at the bottom.

Let me know what book you like that you think everyone else hates in the comments! Talk to you later bookworms.

7 Comments on “What book did everyone hate but you liked?

  1. The Last Canadian by Heine. I read it a few times when I was way young and enjoyed it. My English teacher saw it on my desk and said in horror, “You didn’t read that did you?!”

    If I were to read it now I’d probably dislike it too. I just read a review of it and yeah, it sounds quite awful; I now understand the teacher’s comment.

  2. I was one of the loved this book camp. I think it was because the author had the courage to do what she did that gave it the wow for me. There are quite a few marmite books about from time to time they do fascinate me to be honest.

  3. I did not really like Allegiant until the end. The conclusion was fantastic and really made me like the book! Was Twilight really that bad? 😀

    • It’s not that Twilight was that bad, its just that there was so much build up (like 2 books worth) for nothing to happen.

  4. Dude! I love this saga!! I really like it and I thought it was only me the one that found the ending to be just perfect and fitting for the whole series!

    I even wrote like a 3 pages post haha about how amazing these books are!! So cool that you like them!!! :3

    I hope you could take a look at my post!! and that you can keep an eye on my blog! I am so totally keeping mine on yours!!!

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