Favourite book of your favourite series?

Well this one is easy because I talked about it yesterday. My favourite book of my favourite series is Red Rising because it set the bar for the whole series and I just couldn’t put it down. This book was recommended to me by my good friend Neil Montgomery. He reads a lot of science-fi and always has great recommendations for books of this genre.


The trials and challenges that Darrow endures to get up the ranks and blend in as one of society’s most favoured is an adventurous and exciting journey with lots of plot twists. The book features a tiered list of the different colours and how they are ranked in the society. Red is the lowest colour and Gold is the highest. Darrow is from the Red colony and his goal is to get in with and be accepted by the Gold’s so that he can take them down from the top. He is undertaken as a member of the refugee rebellion and sent into the school of the upper class as a spy to observe and learn so that he can gain their trust. Darrow is a natural leader and he makes many friends and allies along his journey to the top.

I think this book is amazing so I would strongly recommend to give it a shot if you like fantasy, science-fi, adventure, thriller, or action genres. The series recently came out with a new book called Iron Gold which I have not purchased yet but will be doing very soon (or I will ask for it for Christmas if I can wait that long). Pierce Brown is a great author and I hope he continues to write masterpieces πŸ˜›

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That’s it for this post but talk to you soon bookworms!

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  1. For the Harry Potter series my favorite book is the Prisoner of Azkaban. It first introduces Sirius Black, and I love the close relationship that develops between Harry and his Godfather.

    For the In Death series my pick is the first book, Naked in Death. I instantly fell in love with Eve and Roarke as well as a few of the quirky secondary characters.

    • Finally, someone that agrees with me that Prisoner of Azkaban was the best HP book!! I like how dark it got in this book and how it introduced the underlying tones for the rest of the series that everything wasn’t going to be happy go lucky all the time. This makes me so happy you like this one the best πŸ™‚

  2. If I stick with the Wheel of Time, I would have to say that the first book is the best: The Eye of the World. It retains the wonder of the naΓ―ve village kid going off to see the world… kind of like Luke Skywalker or so any others of the hero stereotype. But it’s done well.

  3. “The Maze Runner” in The Maze Runner series. It’s meant for a younger target audience, but I still enjoy it and is has a really interesting concept in my opinion 😊

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