Book Review: Bag Exchange

I have a new book review for you bookworms! This one is called Bag Exchange by Trishna Damodar.

Pages: 155

Here is the short synopsis:

“Tia had her whole life ahead of her, yet she felt lost. She was surrounded by people who loved her but she was still struggling with the aspect of loving herself. As she got ready to leave for Delhi, her body shivered. Would she collapse? Would she reach Delhi safely? How would she manage without her mother, Anita? The stream of questions kept flooding her brain.
Sameer loved the chat he had had with dreamy girl. He felt light after their interaction and even though he did not know exactly who she was, he was pleasantly surprised at how a stranger could make such a powerful impact on him. He brushed thoughts of her aside, reminding himself that he was wasting time thinking about a woman, and these kinds of emotions would just make him weak.
Will the paths of these two strangers intertwine? Will Tia be able to find herself again? And will Sameer ever realise how truly beautiful women are?”


My review: This book was not exactly my cup of tea. It is a romance novel about two strangers that start talking online and then accidentally meet in an airport and take each other’s bags by mistake. They fall for each other and the story follows their relationship. The thing about this book is that it is so predictable. I called everything before it happened and didn’t feel the need to know more. There was very little description when it came to anything and it would jump to another character without any indication it was going to do so. I have read Nicholas Sparks books before and they were ok but I couldn’t seem to feel much for this one. I think it just needed a little bit more substance to keep me in it.

If you are looking for a predictable love story, then here it is. That being said, it is a feel good book that makes you want to believe in simple, easy relationships. I mean we all know that those aren’t very realistic, but that’s why its fiction right?

Book Rating: 2.5/5

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Disclaimer: I was given this book for free to read and give and honest review.