Who is your favourite writer?

My favourite writer would have to be Pierce Brown, the author of the Red Rising series. I know I talk about this series a lot but it is because I love love love the writing style and I am pretty sure I would like anything that he writes.

Sci-fi is his main topic that he writes about but it works for me because I love that genre. I could read this series over and over again and never get tired of it. I really hope they adapt it to a movie but they better not f**k it up! He has an addition to the series called Iron Gold coming out in 2018 which I can’t wait for.

He even had the series adapted into comic books which is the key to my heart (besides food). Yea I don’t have much else to say. I am much better at talking about the books than the authors.

Tell me who your favourite writer is in the comments! I would love to know who everyone is fond of reading. Talk to you later bookworms!

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  1. Carl Safina, Ed Yong. But they’re not fiction writers. Still, excellent writers both. Ed only has one book out, but I’ve been reading his work for years.

    For quick reads that don’t take much thinking Terry Brooks. I waited years for him to finish his Shannara series and prequels and then read them last year in one go. 28 books. Then I find out he’s planning on sticking a few new novels in there to fill in some gaps. sigh.

    Deeper books. Ursual K LeGuin.

    Thomas Perry, his Jane Whitfield series.Engaging.

    Neil Gaiman for his absolute creative imagination, amusing, and uplifting work

    Strangely enough, MIra Grant’s newsfeed series. A bit over-the-top, but far far better than I expected. I had to read all 3 novels one after the other. Her Parasite series would probably be great too if I had read that first. It’s basically the same style plot with similar characters. A government conspiracy, apocalypse, a spunky female with some unique abilities and whose DNA may hold the key to curing a zombie-like disease, a clever dog who plays a key role, a rogue gov’t mad scientist who helps them out in a hidden lab, double crosses by a friend, strange love relationships, etc.

    Loiuse Penny. The Inspector Garmond series. Beautiful poignantly written. Set in Montreal and a small idyllic town with characters that seem three dimensional and real, sometimes with hidden secrets.


    • Argh. It’s Armand Gamache for the Louise Penny books (not Garmond). And Louise, not Loiuse, Penny. She’s been my favourite new fiction author for the past 2 years. I still have half of the series to read and I’m savouring the wait to read the next one. These books are like a treat. I’ll binge on books, zip through quite a few in a short period of time, then get a Penny book and take my time with it. The description of the town and the people want to make you live there. You can actually take tours now of the Three Pines area; they’re making it a tourist destination.

      • Brooks said, and wrote into later works, that A Knight of the Word series was a prequel to the Shannara series, which is damned depressing when you read the books with that in mind. That’s because the heroic character who is sacrificing so much to prevent the apocalypse from ever happening so people can go on living their modern day lives, fails. Sure, he wins the battles against demons and pushes them out of this world, but you know eventually all his visions of Earth’s destruction will come true even if those books don’t cover it. If you’re missing any of the 28 books (plus 3 or 4 short stories) let me know on FB and I’ll get them to you.

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