Life Update: I’m going to Ireland/Scotland

Hey bookworms! Guess what?!?! Well, you probably already know from reading the title of this post but I am going to Ireland and Scotland! I am so excited about this trip and it is so hard to contain that excitement.

The planning stage has begun and I am looking into all the best things to do in both places. *Also trying to travel on a budget but I feel like that might be tough*. If you have been to either of these places and have suggestions on what to do then please leave them down in the comments!

I may be away from the blog during those two weeks as I will be exploring a new place and sipping beers (Guinness) and kissing stones (oh Blarney). So I just thought I would let you know. But this isn’t happening until mid-April so I will still be posting regularly until then.

We ended our giveaway that we were hosting from the author interview we had with Shelby. The winner will receive pdf versions of her poetry books. The winner of this prize is…


You can find her on Twitter and Youtube. We will be in touch to let you know you have won and will send you your prizes.

I also released my second video onto book tube yesterday so feel free to watch it here and make sure to like and subscribe if you like it!

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15 Comments on “Life Update: I’m going to Ireland/Scotland

    • I will! I’m going to try and film a bunch of stuff to make a video when I am back.

  1. I haven’t had a chance to go to Ireland yet so I’ll be having to ask you what to see there, but I’ll be happy to tell you about what to hit up in Scotland, congrats!!! We’re hoping to finally do some travelling of our own come about October!

    • Deal. We can swap best places to check out!

  2. Man! I like your videos! You are so lucky that you are going on a trip!! hope you enjoy it a lot! Congratulations on your video efforts! I hope you like ours from IGTV! 😀

    • Thanks man! It is nice to know that people are actually watching them. I will check your video out too.

      • awww thank you! that is so nice! Erik I like them but I always find myself staring at the bookshelves hahaha

      • I will be doing a bookshelf tour in an upcoming video to show everything I have read and have yet to read.

  3. I’ve never been to either places, would love to go but can’t wait to see photos that you take.

    • I will be happy to share them. I am very excited to see all the castles!

  4. I was in Ireland in OCtober and it was wonderful. You can visit my blog to see our trip at If you look at the side bar for October, 2018 – you will see our daily trip details. We had a great time.

    We are going to Scotland in April as well! Maybe we will be there at the same time. April 12th-22nd. 🙂 We have our itnerary planned, and can’t wait. We are even taking the Harry Potter Train – my kids are so excited!

    • Oh that will be fun! I didn’t know there was a Harry Potter train there! My main goal is to go visit a lot of castles.

  5. Okay, I’m super jealous you are going to Ireland and Scotland Erik! It’s on my bucket list, and I know you will have a fantastic time. Another great video too! You seem so easygoing in them…I would be shaking in my boots! 😅

    • I am really excited for this trip! Haha that is after a bunch of editing of all the scenes where I messed up what I was trying to say 😛

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