Book Review: Starfall

I am so glad that David H. Reiss sent me his book when I had first started blogging because it was such a fun anti-hero book and I wasn’t expecting to like it this much. Now I have finally finished off the trilogy with Starfall by David H. Reiss and this is what I thought!

Synopsis: It has been more than two decades since the tragedy that led to the creation of Doctor Fid. The brilliant supervillain built weapons of legendary power and forged a terrifying reputation out of violence and misery. Even the mightiest heroes tremble at the sound of Doctor Fid’s mocking laughter.

But time has dulled the villain’s rage, and the bloodiest years have become nothing but a bad memory.

Now a new tragedy looms, and Doctor Fid must face his own inner demons before the old madness swallows him whole. Because – to prevent a repeat of his past – the Doctor Fid of yesteryear would have been willing to sacrifice anything or commit any horror.

Even if it would have meant pulling the stars from the sky and tearing the very universe asunder.

I am sad to say that I am done with this trilogy. I really enjoyed getting to know Doctor Fid as an anti-hero and follow along with his journey of self-discovery. I think that each book progressed well and we got to see so much development with Terry (Doctor Fid).

The battle scenes are well thought out and described very well. It is like reading an action comic without the pictures and I love comics so this was very fun for me. I also enjoyed all the interactions with different superheroes and seeing it from the villain’s perspective. It gave off vibes like the show The Boys.

I would definitely recommend checking these books out if you are into books about people with superpowers and stuff like that. The main character in this book doesn’t actually have powers but the way they use their brain to fight against these powers is fun to explore.

I will definitely be waiting for another book by David H. Reiss and will be the first one to pick it up!

Book Rating: 4/5

You can buy this book on Amazon and find it on Goodreads.

Disclaimer: I was sent the physical copy of this book by the author to read and give an honest review.

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