Book Review: The Cousins

I read my first Karen M. McManus book! And it was pretty good. I am always looking for more thrillers to read so when I saw this one, I jumped at the chance. The book I read was The Cousins by Karen M. McManus.

Synopsis: Milly, Aubrey, and Jonah Story are cousins, but they barely know each another, and they’ve never even met their grandmother. Rich and reclusive, she disinherited their parents before they were born. So when they each receive a letter inviting them to work at her island resort for the summer, they’re surprised… and curious.

Their parents are all clear on one point—not going is not an option. This could be the opportunity to get back into Grandmother’s good graces. But when the cousins arrive on the island, it’s immediately clear that she has different plans for them. And the longer they stay, the more they realize how mysterious—and dark—their family’s past is.

The entire Story family has secrets. Whatever pulled them apart years ago isn’t over—and this summer, the cousins will learn everything.

I enjoyed this book. It was told from the perspectives of the 3 cousins and each was very different from the other so it was refreshing to have different styles of chapters. I liked each cousin equally for different reasons and believe they were all written very well.

The setting was on an island resort and it was very atmospheric. I felt like I was actually there while reading the book.

There were some twists in here that I wasn’t expecting which kept me drawn in. I ended up guessing the main plot twist but was still satisfied because it was a good twist. However, the ending wasn’t exactly that satisfying so I feel like it fell flat a bit there.

I definitely enjoy this author’s writing style though. I am looking forward to reading more thrillers by them and trying to guess the twists in turns in those ones.

Book Rating: 3.5/5

You can buy this book on Amazon and find it on Goodreads.

Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this book in ebook format by NetGalley and Penguin Teen in exchange for an honest review.

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