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Book Review: The Book of Songs

Our digital bookshelf is getting a lot smaller as we read all these books on our ebook TBR. Chris has sent in another review for a book called The Book of Songs by Louice Svedin. Synopsis: Anne has led a privileged life: she is… Continue Reading “Book Review: The Book of Songs”

Book Review: Trust

I am a book blogger and I got back to my roots by picking up one of the books submitted to our blog for an honest review. This one was called Trust by R.A. Hayes. Synopsis: Police Chief Corey Conn thinks his home town… Continue Reading “Book Review: Trust”

Book Review: Husky

Get ready for a review of the first book on my Magical Readathon TBR that I did not enjoy. I read this one for the prompt of having back under the dust jacket. This one was called Husky by Justin Sayre. Synopsis: Twelve-year-old Davis… Continue Reading “Book Review: Husky”