New Giveaway Alert!!

I have been talking with many authors and receiving so many requests to review books lately and it has been a blast. There will be a lot of interesting reviews coming down the line! But for now, I am hosting a giveaway. You may have remembered me doing a book highlight for Star City by Edwin Peng. Well, they sent me an extra copy of the book to host a giveaway 🙂


All you have to do is like this post and share it on social media! Don’t forget to tag @BreakevenBooks in your post so I know that it was posted and to add your entry into the draw.

I also linked up with to promote some books. They have The Ultimate List of Fiction Books You Should Read At Least Once in Your Life and it has some good ones on it. Make sure to check them out if you get a chance!

Also excited to share some reviews from others that are helping me out with the blog. I will be posting their reviews once they are done the books I assigned to them.

Alright well, make sure to enter the giveaway and good luck bookworms!

6 Comments on “New Giveaway Alert!!

  1. Speaking of good books I recently came across Andrew Mayne. First book I read was The Naturalist (not the best title as “Naturalist” implies someone who runs through the forest and fields naked). It is about a computational biologist who discovers there is a serial killer at large who is disguising his (or her) kills as bear or cougar attacks. It was really well done, and for this biologist many of the details rang true. He certainly did his homework.

    I just started another one of his books, Angel Killer, and so far, really good. This series is about Jessica Blackwood a former professional magician now an FBI agent. She uses her past skills to see through misdirection, to see what others are overlooking.

    • Oh, those do sound really good! I am finding that I like murder mystery novels a lot more as I read them.

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