Book Spotlight: The Root of Fey Magic

We’re celebrating the release of Callie Pey’s latest The Root of Fey Magic! Read on for more details!

The Root of Fey Magic

The Root of Fey Magic

Publication Date: November 3, 2023

Genre: Fantasy Romance/ Why Choose/ Steamy

Why choose (MFM)
Spicy Fantasy
Body guard
Fae, Satyrs, & Nymphs
Stand alone HEA
Friends to Lovers
Enemies to Lovers
Possessive MMCs
Fated Mates
Royalty Romance
Multiple 1st Person POVs


I may have been healed, but one fact remains beyond a shadow of doubt: Im dying.

Leaving my twin sister and my home grove was never in the plan. I knew where my place was. Waking up in the Feylands threw me into a spiral I wasnt ready for. They said I was sick and had to be separated from the only life I knew. They said they gave me a cure. I just needed to give it a few days. Now Im trapped in between the man I pushed into the arms of another and a childhood crush that is running trials for the woman who would stand at his side. I cant wait around to experience losing them and fortunate enough for me, I wont have to.


Id give anything to save her life, even if a decades long feud means that she will never understand how I feel about her. Everything in my world began and ended with her since the day I won the ryne trials. Then Aralia succumbs to an illness that I cant fix and Im left to turn to the neighboring fae kingdom for help. The change of scenery just might be the repair we need to kindle this flame that I know exists between us, if only shed give me the chance.


I thought I could go along with the plan, and then I met her. Being king of the fae wasnt a position Id asked for. I didnt want a queen, but with the rise of the shadow mages and the illness on the fey populace, Im out of options. Now Im forced to take a fae queen from the winner of the perilous trials in honor of our goddess, Aine. Now, nothing will stand in my way of owning her, not even a queen.

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Callie Pey is the steamy fantasy romance author responsible for The Dryad Chronicles. She loves fantastical worlds and epic stakes that embrace love in all its forms with a heavy dose of adventure. A current Austinite, she enjoys reading almost as much as writing, painting, and finding even the smallest moments to capture joy. With one completed series behind her, Callie is now embarking on two brand new series to come: A dark fantasy not for the faint of heart and a paranormal romance that will feature parts of Texas!

Callie Pey

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