Book Spotlight: The Fortress

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The Fortress

Publication Date: August 25, 2023

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

We are the fortress, and the fortress is us.

Sim was a teacher in his old life. Now he’s the savior of orphans.

He isn’t their father. God knows he has already failed in that role. But he is their guide. And the kids? They are his penance. His redemption.

For three years Sim has prepared his orphans for the hard realities of life after the plague that wiped out most of the global population. Theirs is a life without laws or creature comforts. He has trained them to forage and grow their own food, to be vigilant, and to protect themselves and each other by any means necessary. In building a fortress of brick and mortar, they’ve become a fortress of flesh and blood.

These allegiances and ideals are put to the test when a man named Zagan, who believes himself to be on a mission for the devil to bring about the destruction of civilization’s remains, gathers hundreds of marauders and confronts Sim and his orphans in a merciless siege.

Will the fortress hold… Or will it collapse under the pressure of evil?

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About the Author

Thomas Styles earned his B.S. in elementary education and Mathematics and his M.S. in Developmental Reading. He taught in elementary and junior high schools for twelve years before launching his own childcare enterprise, TSL Kids Crew, which has operated since 2009. He has has a passion for writing stories since he was a teenager, as it was a hobby and skill for which he realized at a young age he had a knack for and loved. He has two grown children and has traveled extensively around the world. He writes under the pen name T.A. Styles to present his more gritty work, and also under the pen name Thomas Styles to present lighter fare fiction.

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