Book Spotlight: The Pain Eater

I’m thrilled to share The Pain Eater: A Sadie Reed Story with you all today! Read on for more details and a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card!


The Pain Eater: A Sadie Reed Story

Publication Date: March 2020

Genre: Paranormal Thriller

For most people, discovering the truth of who you are can be a harrowing journey, but when you’re 21-year-old Sadie Reed, discovering your truth can be downright deadly.

After her twenty-first birthday, Sadie has an undeniable vision and learns she’s psychic. She uses her gift to reconnect with her estranged father and spirals down an emotional rabbit hole…

When she has a vision of missing woman, Maxine Powell, being brutally murdered, she learns true evil does exist– and it’s killing gifted women just like her.

With the help of her best friend, Adrian, whom she is falling in love with, and Angel, an old dying Psychic, Sadie embarks on a journey to find the missing woman and quickly learns the path to her full potential lies within death.

Will it be hers, or someone she cares about?

The Pain Eater uniquely touches on the lasting pain associated with loss, the power within true love, and the strength of family.

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Morgan, the mentalist, sat at the next table. He was handsome, thin and very polished in his dark designer suit. He had olive skin, short black hair, and huge pitch black eyes that stared right through you—observed you with dark amusement. He smiled as I approached and spoke directly in my head. ‘Don’t believe a word she says. If anything, she’s the Queen of Lying. She got her boobs done in Mexico ten years ago. But don’t tell her I told you.’ He said with an uncanny smile.

‘I won’t.’  Like a marionette, I was manipulated by an invisible force—drawn to the chair across from him. I sat down with a plop, my arms resting limp on my thighs. I wanted to get up and leave, but I couldn’t move. I was forced to have somewhat of a conversation without speaking.

I’d never really wondered how thoughts could be heard within the mind. Most people don’t because it’s second nature. Everyone thinks. Everyone talks to themselves. Everyone has a thinking voice that is distinctly theirs; they know it when they hear it. Whether it’s encouraging, or it’s criticizing, it’s your own voice.

But there’s a strangeness to hearing someone else talk in your head. It’s different from reading minds. When you’re reading minds, it’s as though someone is on the phone talking and you’re listening in on the other end. You’re removed from the words and the feeling behind them. When someone talks in your head, you hear their voice clearly, as though it’s coming through headphones or they’re right next to you talking into your ear. And they can be anywhere, across the table, or in the next room. Their words are spoken to you, for you.

The first time I experienced it, I was on my way to meet Angel. She had a calming way about her, so her voice in my head didn’t feel like an intrusion. Morgan was different. He had an imperiousness to his skills of telepathy that made me feel violated. It may have been because he caught me off guard, but it felt like he was dissecting me, stripping my power, rather than getting to know me. He was very strange.

‘Angel talked to us about you. Did you know?’ He had a plate full of chili peppers in front of him. He rolled them under his hand—slowly, back and forth. He was talking to me and walking around in my mind at the same time. I don’t know what he was looking for, but I was blocking him. It was making me weak.

No,’ I answered. I got one arm on the table. I was proud that I accomplished that while still keeping him from wandering in my head.

She said that you were a novice but very powerful.’

I pushed him back as hard as I could.

‘Angel saw more than I—’

‘Your telepathy is very good.’  He interrupted, not interested in what I had to say.

‘What other abilities do you have?’


Lupita appeared, “M’hija, ven, the show.

The invisible force that anchored me vanished. I clumsily rose from the chair.

“Excuse me… Morgan.”

Lupita grabbed my arm, turned and hissed at him, “Sanguijuela.” She said with disgust.

He laughed and bit into a chili.

“What was that?” I asked. My strength had returned. She gave me a one-word answer. “Leech!”

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About the Author

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LaShane Arnett is an African American poet and author living in Southern California with her husband of thirty+ years. She is the creator of Arnett Publications and the author of The Sadie Reed Series. The first book in the series, The Pain Eater, is highly recommended for anyone who loves Paranormal Thrillers.

LaShane Arnett | Instagram | Facebook | TikTok

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