Book Spotlight: The Dreams That Bind Us

This sci-fi thriller explores the possibility that when we dream, we’re merely glimpsing into an alternate reality. Three strangers bound together by a shared dream fight against the current of fate. Can they come to terms with the truth? Are we the only versions of ourselves? Are you the best version of you to exist? They must find each other without losing themselves. Two universes hang in the balance as external forces vie for control of their ability to peer into an alternate reality. Will Corey, Selene, and Joseph find answers to the mystery placed before them? Or will the search for an answer lead them toward a darker fate?


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About the author

Max grew up dreaming impossible dreams of an alternate life other than the one he had in a small town outside of San Antonio, Texas. Shortly after high school, he joined the Marine Corps where he traveled to Foreign Lands. Throughout his budding Marine Corps career, he studied military radar technology and decided to leave the Marine Corps after a memorable eight years to work in the civilian Radar Technical Community at Saab Defense Inc. in Syracuse, NY. During the following eight years, he met his beautiful and intelligent wife, Shirley. Eventually, Max and his growing family wanted to move away from the snow so he accepted a position working as a Government civilian for the US Navy specifying in emerging naval radar technology. Currently, Max resides with his wife, two handsome boys, and a small white Lhasa Apso named Tesla in Virginia Beach, Va. - Cheap Used Books

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