Book Review: The Tenant’s Wrath

Welcome back to the blog for another book review and if you are new then buckle up because we are about to go on a journey. This time, I am reviewing a book a recently read called The Tenant’s Wrath by Gabriel Nombo.

Synopsis: Happy New Year 3309! Make a tour to a strange planet. The Tenant’s Wrath is a funny research report on how wrathful aliens live on their planet. Tussled Platters, the researcher from Earth, familiarizes himself with the aliens’ techniques of conducting research. He performs thorough research on how aliens’ wrathful nature affects them when they live together in their buildings as landlords and tenants. He reports it to Earthlings.

Honestly, I was excited going into this book because I pictured it as an office style documentary (like the TV show) that is funny and I thought it would be an interesting take on a fiction book, especially a science fiction one since I love this genre.

However, I was pretty disappointed. I found that the book had no plot to it. You just followed this alien as he went from house to house as a tenant, living with a bunch of different landlords and having the same arguments and issues with all of them. There was rarely any resolution to the conflicts and it got repetitive real quick. I think it could have been much more interesting if there were some plot twists thrown in here and there but it was just all the same.

And the world that it was set on was very similar to Earth with some small differences. I think that if it went in another direction where this other alien race had lots of differences and they were a new discovery that was fresh and exciting rather than similar to earthlings, I would have been much more intrigued to know more. When I go into a sci-fi book, I am expecting marvelous things that are out of this world so I was a little bummed when it was just similar occurrences happening between alien landlords and tenants.

It is an interesting concept for a book. I will give it that. If you are very analytical in your decision making skills and enjoy conflicts and passive aggressiveness, then you might like this book. I just think that this one was not for me.

Book Rating: 2/5

You can buy this book on Amazon and find it on Goodreads.

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by the author in ebook format to read and give an honest review.

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