Book Review: Someone’s Story

I actually came upon this book when the author was referred to me by another booktuber, Connor Stompanato, which was so cool! This one was called Someone’s Story by B.A Bellec.

Synopsis: In his debut endearing coming-of-age book, B.A. Bellec writes about a group of weirdos that find and save each other from the dark depths of their minds. Someone’s Story is literally Someone’s story, as in a first-person narrative of a teenager that calls himself Someone. As he struggles to find a new footing in a new space, we encounter the many ups and downs of modern teenage life, the difficulties that adjusting to adult feelings bring, and a few tear-jerking surprises along the way.

This book was told in a way that you were trying to discover the main character’s back story while learning about his current story. The main character was called “Someone” and that was something I have not encountered in a book before. The plot was interesting enough because I wanted to know how this teenager was going to try and fit in after moving to a new town.

The book deals with some hard subjects such as mental illness and I think it was portrayed very well. There were definitely some twists that I wasn’t expecting so that added to the experience for me. The author also told me there is a soundtrack that goes with this book which is really cool.

If you want an easy to read coming of age story about a kid trying to fit in while dealing with some devils of his own, then I think you would enjoy this book.

Book Rating: 3.5/5

You can buy this book on Amazon and find it on Goodreads.

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me in ebook format by the author to read and give an honest review.

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