Book Review: Homeworld

Am I behind in my reviews….yes. Was this book read in May…..yes. Am I getting to reviewing it now…….yes. This time I read Homeworld by Philip Ginn!

Synopsis: Abigail, a modern-day nineteen-year-old who has struggled her entire life to fit in, undergoes a genetic transformation to treat her illness and becomes super-enhanced. After the change, she gains unusual abilities that lead her to become the key to saving Earth’s future and a link to humanity’s ancient past. Ironically, her alteration makes it harder to fit in, but she does make a few new friends, including a mysterious alien broadcaster who is sending vital information to get humans into space on a new, advanced ship. Abigail makes history by piloting the first space mission to go farther than any previous space mission had gone before—Mars. 

With a crew of two new friends, Silas and Gavin, who are each brilliant in their own way, Abigail pilots an expedition to pick up her pen pal, who turns out to be more alien than she expected. A trip within the solar system becomes interstellar when their new shipmate requires them to travel to the Kronos system to perform a rescue of a species whose planet is spiraling to its doom and who may also be linked to Earth’s ancient past. Earth will never be the same once Abigail and her friends return home with half a million alien refugees. 

The book was enjoyable. It did read like a lower level YA then the more advanced YA just based on how everything seemed pretty surface level. I was hoping to dive more into the conflicts and get more emotional turmoil and such but everything was wrapped up pretty easily and solutions were always found pretty quick.

I like that there was a high importance on the need for the conservation of our earth and protecting the land we live on. It highlights on how we are damaging our Earth and how we need to protect it at every chance we get.

The dual perspective was pretty cool too because you get to experience the characters present day and what they are going through and then get context for things that are happening based on another storyline.

I would definitely continue the series to see what happens with our characters and what they will get up to next.

Book Rating: 3/5

You can buy this book on Amazon and find it on Goodreads.

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me in paperback format by the author to read and give an honest review.

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