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Hey there bookworms! I just wanted to share with you some resources for finding more book bloggers! It has helped me and I wanted to share so you could submit yourselves to the list if you so desire to do so.

Canadian Book Bloggers

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Book Youtube Channels

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These are just 2 that I am a part of myself but there are many out there to be found! Having your channels and blogs added to lists like these help authors find you if they want to reach out with information about their books.

I have found some great reads due to people finding me through these lists and think that they are fantastic resources. Not to mention, they adds backlinks to your youtube channels and blogs which boosts their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with Google.

It also helps with finding some other creators close to you if you are looking to do a collaboration project.

Anyways, that is just my two cents on the lists so check them out if you feel like it and have a great day (hopefully reading some good books).

In the mood for a fun western story? Check out Billy (The Kid) by Peter Meech and satisfy that craving!


Pueblo, Colorado,1932. Bootleggers thrive in a town where the sheriff is on the take and you can kill a man with impunity. In this thrilling narrative, a once-famous outlaw finds himself thrust into the middle of a bootleg war against his will. At stake is nothing less than the life of his best friend and his last chance at true love with the town beauty. But is the legendary gunman who he claims to be, or is he just a retired dentist with a vivid imagination? Peter Meech reimagines the figure of Billy the Kid in a remarkable story told with verve, humor, grit and grace.

About the author: Peter Meech is an author, screenwriter, director and producer. He also mugs for the camera on occasion. His website is

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