Author Interview: TJ Eckhart

I recently was on a book tour for TJ Eckhart’s book, True You 101 and today I have an author interview with her! But first, here is a little about her book!

Synopsis: If one class during high school could help you become the person you were meant to be, would you take it? At the Reinholdt Institute of Sortilege Arts, sophomores are required to take True You 101 no matter whether they live in the mortal or magical realm. Over the course of a year, each student must confront all possibilities until their outer form matches their inner self. Blake Trudeau has always just wanted to be normal and hopes the class will make that a reality, but will the final spell conjure Blake’s fondest wishes or worst nightmares?


And now on to the interview!

1. What is your top read of 2020 so far? 

According to my Goodreads list of reviews from this year, there are several books that I’ve given 5 stars to. Of those, it is hard to pick a favorite, but I’ll go with Kindred: A Graphic Novel Adaptation because I am a huge Octavia Butler fan and I am a picky fan of some graphic novels and this aligned on both fronts for me back in February 2020.

2. What is your favorite book friendship? 

Maybe it’s a factor of the types of books that I’m attracted to reading, but friends are generally not as much of a draw as family or partners are for me. The Silver Metal Lover by Tanith Lee had both a strong pair bond as well as strangely odd yet ultimately positive friendships.

3. Most anticipated book release of 2021? 

Since I don’t have a book set to release in 2021 (yet), I don’t really follow when books are set to release months in advance. I might learn about a new book coming out from an author I love a month or so before it releases, but I’m not enough of a part of big publishing to really be in the know about forthcoming books. As a book reviewer, I have to stay pretty open to what I might be sent or offered. I’m also exceedingly picky about what I buy for myself simply because between writing myself and reviewing, I don’t get a lot of free reading time.

4. How many books are in your TBR Pile? 

I have two bookshelves of books to be read.

Those that I’ve been sent to review. Currently at 28 physical books. (This is why I can’t accept digital books for review)

Those I have for pleasure to read. Currently at 26 physical books.

5. Who is your favorite author? 

It is still Octavia Butler. She was willing to write honestly about race, gender, sexism, classism, violence, religion, abuse, history, and she thought big with her character and world building. I cried when she died; I rarely cry at death, even of family.

6. How did you start writing? 

My mother was a writer, though other than church bulletins, she didn’t try to get published for most of her life. She was very physically ill for long periods, but she could read to me and encourage me to write. 

7. Where is your favorite reading spot? 

I like my couch because I have back support and a comfortable seat. Sitting at the dining room table also works especially if it is non-fiction that I’m reading because I like to still take notes even though I’m not in school.

8. How long have you been an author? 

Depends on if being an author means getting paid or not, and if anyone other than your teacher or your parent read it.

The first story of mine that I’ve found in a scrapbook that my mother made of my childhood, was from kindergarten. 

The first story I had published (but wasn’t paid for) was a school project in 3rd grade. 

The first story I was paid for that appeared in an anthology, was in 1995. Since then, I’ve been paid for my writing at least once every three years or so. It really depended on how I was doing in my academic career and where I was living.

9. What do you like about reading? 

Reading is comfort food for me because it reminds me of the close tie I could have with my mother when I was growing up. It was also a way to escape from the less positive times with my mother. 

10. If you had to describe yourself in a book title, what would it be?

Oh! That’s a unique question! I’m going to say… Complexity is the Color of Her Mind

A skilled storyteller, Eckhart enjoys reading her fiction to live audience so she is happy to travel in her region to perform readings, sell/sign books, and lead workshops and discussions on various aspects of BDSM, gender & sexuality, or the literature, culture, and study of science fiction, fantasy, horror and other types of speculative fiction. She loves visiting with conventions and private organizations though she must consider financial matters when making such plans. 

That’s it for the author interview! Thank you to Tammy for joining in on this fun post an being a part of it!


An indestructible object full of strong magic, tempting the darkest of souls. Rare rainbow roots that are sold for a high price in the city, offering a young man a way to pay rent as he faces eviction. The secret to taking down a corrupt king and avoiding disenchantment, if a young Pixie succeeds in reaching her destination.

It is believed that all of these things can be found in the Valley, accessed through an Enchanted Forest that is struggling to survive against a dark magic- harnessing monarchy. A rebellion is stirring, and when Forest Pixie Fillii falls from a tree, landing directly on top of unemployed Amer (who doesn’t believe in things like Enchanted Forests), their journeys and worlds literally collide.

With vastly different yet strangely similar backgrounds and experiences, Fillii and Amer must both decide whether they can afford to trust each other, and what is worth fighting for.

Joined by magical creatures such as Elves and a Caribou army, Fillii and Amer find themselves in the midst of an epic battle of survival, old magic, and secrets carved in stone.

About the Author

Megs Calleja is a Canadian writer and actor, whose professional screenwriting has aired with TELUS and The CW. A member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada, Megs is inspired by magical wardrobes, shooting stars, marmalade on toast, and dancing in the rain. This is her first novel.

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