Which New York Neighborhood is Right for You?

New York City is a massive area full of countless neighborhoods, boroughs, and people.  Although it may seem strange to think that picking a community is like getting a personality test, every section of this city is unique and has its own space.

These are the top neighborhoods of the city, and why people chose each of them as the place they want to call home.

Lower East Side

This is the part of the city to go to if you want delicious food and cutting-edge art you can’t find elsewhere.  Dimes, a fun brunch spot with hangover-killing sandwiches and tasty acai bowls, is one of the best parts of this area, but you can find anything from pizza to fun pretzels in The Lower East Side

This is one of the most expensive areas of NYC, so don’t be surprised if it breaks the bank when you’re looking at homes, but it’s worth it to live in a foodie’s paradise.


If you’re a creative and free spirit, you’ll fall in love with Chelsea.  This neighborhood is home to art galleries, fun bars, and a one-of-a-kind park called the High Line that sits on elevated railway lines.

Every inch of this neighborhood is inspiring and artistic, from the street art to the amazing Chelsea galleries offering works from emerging and established artists, allowing them to spread their creativity to the world.  This is an inspiring place to live and will make you feel at home in no time.


If you’re moving to the city to get away from the coast of Long Island houses for sale, Tribeca will still be pretty expensive for you.  This neighborhood is pricey but fashionable and offers everything from delicious Italian eateries to amazing instagrammable interiors like Maman Tribeca offers.

Walking through this part of town will leave you feeling like you’re underdressed, even if you’re wearing something from the current Alexander McQueen line.


This fast-paced neighborhood is known for fantastic food, great transit, and iconic landmarks.  From Eataly, a huge Italian emporium with everything from restaurants to markets and a coffee bar, to the Ace Hotel New York, which is known as a hipster hangout with retro-inspired decor and trendy menus.

This is a fun yet expensive space to live in. And, with it being home to Madison Square Park, you never have to feel like you’re missing out on natural scenery! 

West Village

If you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of a celebrity, or you love an early fancy brunch, you’ll love West Village.  This is the top place to spot well-known celebrities and possibly catch enough time to enjoy the countless stores, restaurants, and grocers. 

All shop owners here are extremely personable and treat you like a friend, often remembering your name and order within your first two visits.

Live Somewhere That Matches Your Mood

Although you may feel like you’d be happy living anywhere, it’s okay to take the time and seek out a space that feels like the perfect fit for yourself. So try one of these neighborhoods, and find your big city home.

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