What character can you relate to the most?

This had me racking my brain for awhile to come up with a character I relate to. I don’t know if this is the best choice but it was the closest I could think of. I would say that I relate to Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games but Suzanne Collins.

Now I am not nearly as strong as Peeta, but I was thinking more in his way of creativity and his nature he has about him. We both put all our energy into what we want to achieve and stay true to what we believe. I will be outgoing most of the time but also conserved and attentive at other times.

This was the closest I could come to a character that somewhat resembles me. I guess this just means I need to read more books so I can find a similar character to myself. Clearly we aren’t that similar because I couldn’t find much to write about our resemblances. I challenge you guys to find a character that is close to your personality. If you can come up with one, tell me in the comments!

Short but sweet post today on lazy Sunday! Talk to you soon bookworms 🙂

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  1. I’d have to go with Alosa from Daughter of the Pirate King on this one. Sassy female, generally doesn’t know when to shut it, fights her own battles and has the constant need to prove herself. Sounds pretty accurate to me, haha.

  2. I can’t come up with a single character 😀 but I honestly never look out for books with characters I can relate to on that kind of level. Reading has never been a mirror where I try to find a character like me. I usually end up reading about characters who are different from me. (Cause let’s face it I have to spend all day with myself, no need to read about a character who is like me. I need a break from the strangeness that is me sometimes). I can totally understand why you struggled with that question. 🙂

  3. What Lisa said. I pretty much relate to characters far different from me.

    I suppose if I see just one similar characteristic I like the character more even if the whole character is completely different. E.g. Fiver (Watership Down) because he knows things others don’t. Allanon (Shannara series) because he’s a scholar and a wanderer. Also, some of the characters in Louis Lamour novels (the quiet drifters), the Grey Man because he’s a bit of a ghost that doesn’t fit in anywhere, etc.

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