What book makes you laugh?

Alright, so I know that these technically aren’t books, but they are graphics novels and these have made me laugh so hard that I snorted and spit out my drink. I present to you the Deadpool Complete Collections Vol 1 & 2 !

The art style is phenomenal and the way the writer portrays dead pool as this cocky mercenary that has no regard for trivial things and just does what he wants when he wants is just too good to be true. There are lots of side characters that Deadpool meets along the way and other recognized superheroes that he either comes into combat with or teams up with. Between these two graphic novels, there are about 15-17 issues.

I would recommend these to my fellow superhero nerds out there. They will give you a laugh and get you that much more excited for Deadpool 2 (which should be coming out in 2018).

Now let me know what book makes you laugh in the comments down below. Talk to you later bookworms!

5 Comments on “What book makes you laugh?

  1. The 100 year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared.
    Quirkly, good turns of phrase, fairly short concise book, well crafted, and quite ably translated for English readers. They’re even making (or have made) a movie of it.

  2. Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson!
    Honestly, the book is kind of serious, in a way, since it’s about her life and she has a ton of mental illnesses and other things she has to live with. But the situations she gets herself in, the things she thinks and blurts out.. Honestly, I was laughing A LOT.

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