How You Can Overcome Challenges Brought About By The Pandemic!

It goes without saying that the last few years have resulted in some pretty drastic changes. Even with the pandemic seemingly in decline, many of us are still feeling a little unsettled. If you’re struggling to get your footing, it helps to take a moment to better understand not only how things have changed, but how we can change to accommodate the new world we find ourselves in. Today, BreakEven Books is here to help you overcome the challenges we face in this complex, post-pandemic economy.

What Changed?

Because people weren’t allowed to gather in public places, many lost jobs, cared for and homeschool their children during the day, developed new fitness routines, and ate at home. Entertainment venues and restaurants were closed, and shopping in retail stores was severely curtailed.

People had to wear masks and remain six feet apart when going out, and funeral gatherings were limited in size. People had to deal with weeks of forced isolation and adapt their habits to the new world. Online shopping sales soared, restaurants and grocery stores began to offer curbside pickup and delivery services,

While some didn’t cope well with the rapid changes, others saw the time as an opportunity to do something new with their lives. Anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues increased, but so did the amount of time families spent together, the amount of sleep people got, the money saved, and finding new ways of filling time.

Every change had inherent long-term and short-term benefits and challenges. Commerce, travel, and entertainment are different now and may never return to the way things were before 2020. A few examples:

  • Many people couldn’t go to their jobs, so work-at-home positions began to flourish.
  • People couldn’t eat at restaurants or go to the gym or entertainment venues, so cooking and eating meals at home, home exercise equipment, and home-based entertainment took the place. This saved money and brought some families closer.
  • Children couldn’t go to school, so parents working from home had to supervise their children’s education while working from home; family structures became more defined.
  • Many businesses closed, but several people who lost their jobs chose to open new businesses.

While restrictions have begun to ease, some of the things that changed have become a new way of life. People now enjoy the convenience of online shopping and delivery, and that’s unlikely to change. Some discovered that they enjoy spending more time at home.

What Continued?

Some things continue even during difficult times. People still have babies, buy homes, and get married. Online resources provide advice for a wider array of subjects.

Moms-to-be should pack a bag to take to the hospital when their babies are born. Be sure to include appropriate clothing if you plan to nurse your baby, such as a nursing bra and gown. Also pack socks, slippers, a delivery gown, and clothes to wear on the ride home.

Those who need to move can prepare to buy a new home. You should gather paperwork to present to lenders, select a reputable real estate agent, check your credit score and take steps to make it better, and develop a budget with a reasonable mortgage payment so you’ll know to look for homes within that pricing range.

Entrepreneurs who start new companies have to choose a business structure. You can benefit from registering a “doing business as” company name. Using a DBA provides flexibility because you can expand your company by selling services or products using a different name. You can also use it for online marketing if your company’s domain name is already taken.

Alternatively, if starting your own business isn’t for you but you’re still looking for a change, maybe it’s time to dust off that resume and check out the job market. There are plenty of opportunities right now, and if you’re feeling a little rusty, a resume builder can help you build confidence by using free templates to highlight your skills and connect with potential employers in your area.

We’ve all been through a lot these past few years. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, not to mention unsure what to do next. So whether you’re expanding your family, buying a house, starting a business, or changing jobs, take a moment to congratulate yourself on coming this far! The future might seem uncertain, but with a little planning, brighter days are just around the corner. 

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