Freelance Writing: A How-To Guide for Students and Recent Graduates

Freelance writing is an excellent side hustle for students and recent graduates. You’ll have a flexible schedule, making it easy to balance with your coursework or future job. Plus, you’ll build a valuable skill that can help you perform better on class assignments or secure a new job opportunity when the time arrives.

If you want to get started with freelance writing, here’s a quick how-to guide from BreakEven Books.

Enhancing Your Writing Skills

College students typically have reasonably strong writing skills. However, if you’d like to start earning income from your writing, it’s wise to boost your capabilities. This is especially true if you want to focus on a particular niche with a well-defined skillset.

Signing up for courses focused on writing is the easiest way to get started. Whether you take college classes while in school or use free online courses, you can accomplish the same goal. Technical writing, ad copy, business writing, journalism, communications, medical writing, and similar classes can all be excellent options, so consider starting there.

As you acquire new skills, create writing samples to build your portfolio. That will give you materials to show potential clients, making it simpler to land gigs.

Finding Writing Gigs

Once you’ve honed your writing skills, it’s time to look for freelance writing gigs. Usually, you’ll want to start by signing up for freelancer platforms, such as:

·         Upwork

·         Fiverr


·         ProBlogger

After finding a platform (or several) that meets your needs, you’ll sign up and create a profile. Along with introducing yourself and outlining the services you’ll provide, you can set pricing, define your availability, and upload writing samples.

Depending on the platform, you may need to apply to writing jobs using the platform’s built-in setup. However, some also allow clients to come to you, which is a bonus.

Attracting Clients

Connecting with clients may seem like a challenge, particularly initially. When you build your profile, focus on showcasing what you can do for clients. Demonstrate the value you provide by discussing how you’ll make their lives easier. Additionally, make sure your spelling and grammar are impeccable since you’re freelancing in the writing space.

When it comes to your writing samples, choose your best piece for every niche you can potentially cover. If you’re focused on one specialty area, go with a few articles in that space instead. With either approach, you’re demonstrating expertise, and that’s critical in the beginning.

If you don’t have much experience and a limited portfolio, look for jobs aiming at entry-level writers. While the pay might be lower, they’ll give you a chance to show you can do great work and build a reputation. Often, clients can rate writers after they’ve completed projects, allowing you to boost your profile with strong reviews.

When you engage with a prospective client, focus on communicating professionally. You want to make a strong, positive impression, so when sending messages to clients, make sure you put your stellar writing skills on display.

Planning Your Work

As a freelancer, you have control over your schedule. That’s why organization is critical if you’re going to succeed. Without a strategy for tracking deliverables and deadlines, it’s easy to lose track of your projects.

One simple way to ensure you properly manage your workload is using a monthly planner template. The benefits of an online calendar for planning are plenty, including giving you a 30-day view of your task lists. Plus, your plan can be customized with graphics, videos, and sticky notes, making it the perfect task and deadline tracking tool. - Cheap Used Books

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