Breakeven Books: Booktube Edition!

So I did a thing! Remember that Youtube channel we talked about last week? Well, I uploaded my first video to it and I am very excited.

I would really apprecite it if you guys would check it out! Feel free to leave comments or tips on booktube. Obviously I am pretty new to this whole making videos thing so any tips and feedback is welcomed.

Anyways, short but sweet post. I will be hitting you up with some more book reviews soon. Talk to you later bookworms!

Update: I am really enjoying Youtube and posting videos! Here are some more that I have put out since launching the channel!

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4 Comments on “Breakeven Books: Booktube Edition!

  1. All the best for the booktube Eric!!! I subscribed and liked the video. It was awesome. Looking forward to seeing more.

    • Thanks so much Dany! Honestly means a lot that the book blogging community is so supportive! Made my day 🙂

    • Haha, thanks! Yea I am definitely still getting used to it but it is quite fun once you start filming. Lots of laughing during the outtakes. Thanks for watching 🙂

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