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Life Rolls Along (Because I’m Worth It #2)

Publication Date: November 8th, 2021

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Memorable characters move swiftly through a well-crafted plot. Punctuated with sharp humor, twenty-first century romances blossom in spite of well-heeled parental attempts to manipulate others to do their bidding.

Terri Sue Ellen, nonsensical and faux refined, and Charles Covington, wealthy executive, have a prickly daughter, Delaney Mae Anne, who wants a husband . . . so they buy one using their wealth and prestige to seal the deal.

But after a four week honeymoon, Skye Topple grasps the fact that he’s made a blunder in marrying the boss’s daughter.

Life’s hilarious complications follow him as he embarks on a journey to sort through the shambles of his life’s choices when he returns to his humble beginnings in Big Sur where he tries to reunite with his family.

Blending truth with hyperbole, wicked humor ensues as scheming business partners and arrogant in-laws attempt to destroy Skye’s bold plans for his future.
When the bizarre son of a new business partner covets his wife, Skye realizes he’s ready to move on but not before he gets what he’s been promised.
He joins forces with RB, the unwanted step-brother of his wacky mother-in-law, and the men take part in an eccentric ruse, hoping the final cards fall in their favor.  How dangerous are they, and how far will they go?

Find out in the dramatic story that takes a humorous approach on classiness, opulence, family and romance. Life Rolls Along by Linda Nielsen.

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10 AM Covington Residence Chicago, Illinois

CLEMENT B. PICKET, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, attempted to wipe the smirk from his face as he delivered bad news to the rude, ill-mannered wife of business tycoon, Charles Covington

 “What do ya mean that ah have me a brother?” Terri Sue Ellen’s tone grew confrontational. “Ya crazy, Clem? Do ya think it’s funny makin’ up crap to annoy me?” She paused to sip her morning martini, then continued, “Ya know that ah’m a wealthy woman, and ah have no siblins! That’s a fact!” Unaware that her know-it-all attitude and exaggerated accent made her sound foolish, she plowed on, “Ah did not know that now a’days men in Atlanta enjoyed nigglin’ away at a lady. Is that why ya called me . . . to say ugly, untrue things to upset mah pleasant nature?”

Flipping a hand on her plump hip, she took a deep breath and felt her waist band grow tight. Damn those fried cheese fritters! She snorted in anger at the extra pounds she carried and turned back to the speaker phone. “Ya still there?”

“Yeah,” he replied wearily.

After numerous attempts to give her account to his junior associates, Clem conceded that she’d beaten them all down, so as head of his family’s law firm, her file was back on his desk. Rolling his eyes, he settled back in his chair. “I’m here.”

“Good!” She grumbled. “Need ah remind ya that your daddy always represented mah family with dignity and honor.” She nodded her head sharply and continued, “Just because ah sold the big house in Atlanta doesn’t mean ya can talk to me as if ah was never a true-blue southern belle. And furthermore, ah don’t want to be talkin’ to any more of your underlins, ever again. Ya got that?”

She sat down in a huff, and the artistic Wimberley sofa sagged with her weight. “Now that ya have been runnin’ your daddy’s firm for the last fifteen years or so . . .”

Savoring the vodka, she looked closely at the mirror and fluttered her eyelashes, admiring their thickness. Siberian mink and good glue. Mah sensual green eyes require long luscious lashes. She turned her thoughts back to Clem. “Where was ah?”

Sighing heavily, he dropped his head. She’s never been very bright. It’s no wonder that her father donated so much money to Georgia State. It was the only way she was going to get a diploma.

He moved to the southeast-facing window where he opened the shutters. The grand old magnolia tree filled his vision. His father had planted it after he opened his law office, shortly after Clem was born. It symbolized dignity. Now it was almost seventy-feet tall, and the creamy, white flowers greeted him every spring with their lemon-honey scent.

He’d learned a valuable lesson from that tree. Though it had luxurious dark green leaves on the surface, there was a rusty colored underside. It was like taking on a new client. Just because they showed you one part of their personality, you never knew what else was going on until you had a good look.

His father had warned him about the Covington family and Terri Sue Ellen, the spoiled girl he’d grown up with.

Returning to his desk, he chuckled. I’ll just wait for her to catch-up. I want her to be sharp. Wait. He paused and rolled his eyes. If that’s even possible. Smiling, he let his thoughts wander. ’Cause my news about her brother just gets better and better.

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About the Author

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Former business woman and entrepreneur, Linda Nielsen, is involved in community work, actively supporting animal rights, no kill facilities and finding home for senior pets.

Her mother was a writer, her maternal grandmother wrote poetry and her paternal grandmother was an artist.  She jokes that artistic ability runs in her veins, but she has yet to discover her hidden ability to paint anything other than the bathroom walls.

She and her husband have traveled through Eastern Europe, Asia, South America, Russia. Australia and the Baltic with backpacks, catching any flights that were available. But now that the world has changed, she admits to discovering more at home activities.

Linda enjoys wine tasting and credits the lesser known areas such as Calaveras County and the Lodi area in San Joaquin County as having some of the finest wines in California.

She escapes from her computer by spending sunny mornings in her garden and has fun cooking but admits that not everything in the kitchen is a success.

She thanks her fans and their ongoing support for keeping her focused when she’s writing and offering their feedback on both the story lines and her characters.


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