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House of Straw

Publication Date: November 2018

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Traumatised by the tragic death of her twin brother, Brianna falls into a state of deep depression, isolating herself from the world and all those that care about her. When a twist of fate reveals that she has a half-sister she finds a new purpose in her life and sets out to find her sibling, desperately hoping she can fill the void left in her world.

Poppy has not enjoyed the same privileged lifestyle as her sister while growing up. Abandoned into the care system at the age of eight, she has encountered both physical and sexual abuse for most of her life. Passing through the hands of more care homes and foster families than she can remember, the damaged product of a broken upbringing, Poppy has never found a place to feel truly safe. Kicking back at society, she turns to drug abuse and acts of extreme violence to escape from reality.

When the two siblings are finally united, they discover that they have much more in common than their DNA. Their paths are shrouded with sinister secrets of betrayal and regret and both girls share a deep-rooted hatred for one of their parents. As the dark truths of their lives are unveiled they realise that nothing can ever be the same again…

CW: Dark chapters involving child abuse and brutality, adult themes


The level crossing suddenly came to life. Car doors were slamming, people from both sides of the barrier were scurrying backwards and forwards. Some people braved the elements to venture further down the track, to where the remains of the car might be. Bree could not hear anything at all, her mind had completely shut off. People were talking to her, but there were just no sounds, as if she had suddenly been struck deaf. In the middle of all this pandemonium, a grey-haired man without a coat reached down and wrapped his arms around her shaking torso, clutching her tightly to his chest in a bid to offer her some comfort. She looked around to see more people arriving. Some were on their phones calling for emergency services, others were trying to make sense of the catastrophe that had taken place. As her senses slowly returned Bree could hear the frantic screams of a woman and make out the sobbing cries of a small child. She would, however, have taken no solace from knowing that the passengers of the vehicle were safe and well. Jamie was gone, that was all that mattered to her now.

Bree raised her head slightly as the old man, now soaked through, attempted to help her to her feet. The merciless downpour continued to fall around her aching body and the howling wind carried the remnants of her final scream into the distance. But just then, beyond the darkness, she heard a small voice call out to her, a voice she recognised. Suddenly, through the punishing rainfall amidst the growing number of do-gooders arriving to offer their assistance, she could see her, she was as clear as anything now, the girl from the bar. She was there, on a small hill overlooking the level crossing, her bright yellow coat standing out like a beacon for lost sailors. The tiny figure was motionless. She was watching, just staring, as she had done in the pub. She was looking down from the hill, studying the aftermath of the tragedy. What unsettled Bree more than anything was that she realised now that she knew who that girl was.

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About the Author


Marc Scott was born and raised in the heart of the East End of London. He spent more than 25 years working in the video and film industry, including a 12-month spell on a project in Los Angeles. More recently he has been involved with assisting at the rehabilitation section of the UK court service, working predominantly with young offenders.  It was here where he met the people that would inspire him to write his first novel House of Straw.

He is unapologetic for the dark backdrop and raw brutality in his books. ‘You can’t sugar-coat some of these damaged individuals that live in a broken society and make excuses for them.’ he says. ‘Not everyone wants the chance to redeem themselves.’

His gritty writing style has earned him much praise from reviewers and bloggers. The second book in his trilogy, House of Sticks, will be available later this year. A story that Marc describes as, ‘An even darker and more twisted journey into the depths of depravity.’

Marc lives in Halstead in England. He has a son and two daughters, who, he says, have given him the proudest moments in his life. He lists his favourite author as Kazuo Ishiguro, and his favourite book as ‘Birdy’ by William Wharton. He sums up his reading choices with a method which he applies to his own works.  ‘When I read a book, I want to feel like a bystander, watching on, as an ‘extra’ as everything unfolds. If any of the characters in the book are bland and don’t affect you in some way, the author has wasted an opportunity.’

Marc Scott

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