Book Review: The Loathing

I’m back with another book review and this one has been on my list to get done for a while. Back in December, I read The Loathing by Wilder Nash and it was a fun time!

Synopsis: Anjoman Valley, Northeast Afghanistan

AJ brings the four-wheel-drive to a sudden halt, and kills the engine. He listens intently. Gunfire!’ he exclaims. ‘And we’re heading straight into the eye of the storm.

Hunter nods. ‘AK-47s. Not one, but thirty or more.’ Then a flat popping sound muffles the crack of rifle fire. Jesus!’ AJ swears. ‘A fifty-calibre mounted machine gun. What’s our plan, big fella?”

Hunter thinks hard. Deep in enemy territory, with no support and a mysterious prisoner to extract from a notorious Afghan warlord- the odds are already stacked against them. And just to load the dice further, a gun battle rages at their pre-arranged pickup point. The decision Hunter makes this morning will change his life forever. Without realising it, he’ll be placing his friends, his family, everyone he loves, in mortal danger.

“Let’s drive down there, pick up our prize, then boogie,’ he says to AJ. ‘After all, there’s only one fifty-cal mounted machine gun…”

This book was pretty action packed. I haven’t read many military themed books but after reading this one, I would try more.

I was able to experience this book through audio format and I really enjoyed that the book had a full cast of characters with different voices. It made it feel more like a movie than a book and kept you invested in each of the characters outcomes.

This book kept you on your toes as you follow along with the characters that are put into a sticky situation and trying to figure out how to survive. Definitely check it out if you want a fast paced book!

Book Rating: 3/5

You can buy this book on Amazon and find it on Goodreads or get it from their website.

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me in audio format by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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