Book Review: Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda

Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda was a breath of fresh air. I read this book in 2 days and found it very entertaining and a genuine reminder of how much you feel when you are so young and in love.

This book was about a young boy named Simon who is in love with another boy from his school. He has never met this guy, they have just exchanged emails back and forth and have been very secretive about their real identities. Until a boy at school see’s Simon’s email before he logs out on a computer. He then blackmails him to help him out with a girl at school.

This book brought up a lot of thoughts of how people perceive each other. I for one have gay friends and wouldn’t ever think to treat them any differently then I would my straight friends. But the book was from the perspective of a gay teenager that hadn’t come out yet, and it’s not that he was afraid to but that he just didn’t want it to be a big deal because everything he ever did was a big deal. But for a lot of people, it is a big deal and a very scary thing to do. There are so many different reactions that could come from someone coming out and that is kind of sad. No one should be afraid to be who they are. 

I come from a religious background and that made me think a lot about how that could go if I was in Simon’s position. My parents are amazing and I love them with everything I have in me. They have prepared/taught me everything I know and I don’t know what I would do without them. I would hope to never lose them over anything like this but that is a possibility for a lot of people. I am not in this position, but this book made me think about if I was and what would happen.

It would be terrifying because you wouldn’t know how the people that are supposed to love you the most would react. Your parents are your rock. They are your foundation; they build you up and prepare you for life and help you become who you are. To lose this would be world shattering and it gave me an insight into how scary it would be.

Love is love and everyone should be accepted for who they are.

The book was really great. The way his parents and everyone react when they finally find out is so supportive and uplifting. Simon has an amazing family. I would 100% be the dad if I was part of this family because every line he had in the book is something I would probably say. And everything he said made me laugh:P

Book Rating: 4.5/5

Disclaimer: I read this book because I wanted to and purchased it myself. This review is for me because I wanted to write it and that is that.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this book if you have read it and if not, what are your thoughts on having to come out. If you are straight, then just try and put yourself in Simon’s shoes like I did to get an idea of what it would be like.

Talk to you later bookworms.

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    • Yes I am excited to see how that turns out.

  1. I have such an unpopular point of view about this book haha (check my blog/post XD)

    Erik, it is great to hear that you find so many good things about this title and it seems that you learn other things!

    I really like the “love is love” and it is terrifying to go through “coming out” and what will people say and all that… I nightmare haha

    Thank you for such a great review and for sharing!! Hope you could keep an eye on my blog! I am totally keeping one on yours! Bookworms!! haha

    • I will check your post out! Woo Bookworms for life!

      • #Word!! hahaha that would be super nice of you! and I am sorry I was checking yours and I got super happy with some of your posts XD haha

      • Lol no worries, that is a good thing 😛 I checked out your blog and read some posts and they are great. You are very in depth with your reviews which is awesome!

      • am I? haha good to know! I put a lot of effort into it! haha

        Thank you for following and for checking it out! I hope to see more of your posts soon! 🙂

      • HAHAHA What did you think of it ;P may not respond right away because I will be out but will get back to you after.

    • Yes it was sooo good! Loved it from start to finish.

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