Book Review: Red Eagle – The Red Stick War of Alabama

I read another book back in January that I forgot to write a review for so here I am in classic late fashion with my review for Red Eagle: The Red Stick War of Alabama by Jeff Hortman, Jens Cromer and Andrew Knightman.

Synopsis: Alabama. 1812. The southwestern frontier of the young United States spans hundreds of miles between the Mississippi River and the Appalachian Mountains. The region is home to dozens of Native American tribes, American settlers, and the soldiers of Spain, France, England, and the USA. It is a melting pot unseen since the Persian Empire. On the banks of the Coosa River, William Weatherford manages brisk business from his trading post. He is the son of a Scottish military man, who served under George Washington, and a Creek Princess from the sacred Deer family. He moves through both worlds, native and European. He is known as Red Eagle among his Creek brothers. He commands respect. He is the sinew that holds his community from the brink of conflict. But as Red Eagle and his family steer the course of peace, rivals tussle for control of the land. A series of slights pushes the Creek Nation into standing their ground against the power-hungry Governor of the Alabama. When Red Eagle declines to choose sides, his side is chosen for him. With his wife and child murdered and his home burned to the ground. Red Eagle takes command of the Creek forces. He leads a strategic guerilla war of resistance that paralyzes the Governor and forces the US Government to call in General Andrew Jackson to quell the conflict. Through years of battle, Red Eagle commands Jackson’s respect, but the radical factions of his own men – led by his half-brother, the Prophet Josiah – create dissent in his victory plan. As attrition hits both sides and the rivers of Alabama run red with the blood of citizens, how far will Red Eagle go to see peace in his homeland again? When does revenge become folly? When does the past become a dream you cannot return to? How can one man save his people from total destruction? This is the story of William Weatherford. The greatest warrior Andrew Jackson ever faced.

This book was action packed. Most of it was tactical strategies between either sides of this war and it follows a man who loses everything and what he does once that happens. He endures some very tough situations and has to put his best foot forward to deal with what comes next.

I liked that the main character (Red Eagle) tried to remain morally sound throughout the book. It showed a lot of strength in their character and that they were trying to protect the people they cared about.

The book does delve on some of the realities of how people were treated at this time in history and its really unfortunate that it went down that way. War is never the solution.

The book was a fast paced and kept me invested. If you like military books then this one might peak your interest.

Book Rating: 3/5

You can buy this book on Amazon and find it on Goodreads.

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by the author to read and give an honest review. - Cheap Used Books

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