Book Review: Pulse

If you have been a reader of the blog, you will know that I read this author’s previous work before called Someone’s Story. Now I am back with a new review of their latest book and it is quite different. This one was called Pulse by B.A. Bellec.

Synopsis: Pulse is a plot-driven multi-POV dystopian sci-fi horror thriller set in 2040, centered around a corporation, a creature, and a music festival. Think Fyre Festival, Black Mirror, and X-Files combined. The story deals with themes of capitalism, consumerism, business, politics, pandemics, climate change, activism, and technology while bouncing between a diverse group of characters sure to entertain almost anyone. The book is already being praised for its fantastic use of horror, engaging world-building, and genre-bending approach utilizing some screenplay-like formatting. This is the first entry in a new series with the sequel well underway.

This book was such a blend of genres and I thought the author did a good job keeping it interesting and entertaining. The horror was intense at moments and had a building creepiness factor at others. It was definitely thrilling to see how this book played out.

I enjoyed that there was a big importance on the conservation of wildlife and keeping the world sustainable without destroying it. This is something I personally believe in and was happy that the book was pushing forward this positive message by showing how bad things could get if we don’t take that next step.

It also was fun to explore the new uses of technology in this and the impact it has on the environment as well. There is a big portion of the book that takes place at a music festival and I went to quite a few of these so I could feel the vibes of the scenes and it made me remember the fun times at these festivals.

This was only the first in the series and I am looking forward to reading more once they are out.

Book Rating: 3.5/5

You can buy this book on Amazon or the author’s website and find it on Goodreads. You can also check out the author’s original music they created.

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me in paperback format by the author to read and give an honest review. - Cheap Used Books

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