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Book Review: Mr. Wizard

Do you have good and bad reading weeks? We do too. But luckily for us, this week has been a good reading week. Our external reviewer Chris has a new review of Mr. Wizard by Jeff Wallach for us to read. Synopsis: Two days… Continue Reading “Book Review: Mr. Wizard”

Book Review: Vanishing Hour

Are you looking for a good dystopian book? Then look no further! I read this book called Vanishing Hour by Lisa King and I think you should check it out too! Synopsis: Seventy-year-old Matthew Werner, who suffers from a debilitating case of Not Normal, doesn’t… Continue Reading “Book Review: Vanishing Hour”

Blogger Interview: Chris Connors

Guess what? Chris (our external reviewer) and I thought it would be a fun little project to interview each other since he recently started a blog online and post our interviews with each other on our blogs. So here is my little interview I… Continue Reading “Blogger Interview: Chris Connors”

Book Spotlight: The Accidental Hero of the City of Brotherly Love

Welcome to the blog tour for The Accidental Hero of the City of Brotherly Love, by Richard J. O’Brien! The Accidental Hero of the City of Brotherly Love Publication Date: March 31, 2020 Genre: Contemporary/ Magical Realism In the tumultuous days following 9/11, Spencer Lee Kavanagh… Continue Reading “Book Spotlight: The Accidental Hero of the City of Brotherly Love”

Book Review: Encounter at Cloud Ranch

Our external reviewer has launched his own website!! You can find him over at This & That Books but luckily he is still doing some reviews for us on the side. This one was called The Legend of the Clouds: Encounter at Cloud Ranch… Continue Reading “Book Review: Encounter at Cloud Ranch”

Book Spotlight: Roadside

Looking for a romance with a little more grit, check out Roadside by Angie Dokos! Read on for more details and a chance to win a copy signed by the author! Roadside Publication Date: May 2017 Genre: New Adult Romance Zayne finds Serena’s lifeless body off… Continue Reading “Book Spotlight: Roadside”

Book Spotlight: Our Hearts Are Blind

Welcome to the blog tour for Historical Romance, Our Hearts are Blind by Heidi Sprouse! Our Hearts are Blind Publication Date: May 5, 2020 Genre: Historical Fiction/ Romance Heidi Sprouse does it again !! Our Hearts Are Blind will capture the readers attention immediately and… Continue Reading “Book Spotlight: Our Hearts Are Blind”

Book Spotlight: Return Addresses

Michael A. McLellan has a new book out in the world! Read on for an exclusive except and a fantastic giveaway — A $20 Amazon gift card, and a copy of Return Addresses! Psst, bloggers and book reviewers! There is also going to be… Continue Reading “Book Spotlight: Return Addresses”

Book Review: The Wicked King

It’s time! I have finally completed the 2nd book in the Cruel Prince trilogy and I was nervous to review it because I wasn’t sure if it would live up to the hype. But I am happy to say that it did and I… Continue Reading “Book Review: The Wicked King”

Book Review: The Blood Within The Stone

Chris has been reading more and he even made his own book blog (This & That Reviews)! But today, he did a review for The Blood Within the Stone by T.R. Thompson so check out his review below! Synopsis: A shadow is spreading across… Continue Reading “Book Review: The Blood Within The Stone”