TBR Piles and how to deal with them!

Hey there bookworms.

So I have these glaring TBR piles just sitting there staring me in the face and I have decided to try and tackle them head-on with a passion. I’m dedicating at least an hr and a half a day to reading and more if I am in the mood for it. It just gets difficult to set aside time to read when you work fulltime and then try to have a social life too.

Does anyone else have this problem where their TBR pile grows faster than their eyes can read :P? I’m trying to resist buying any more books until I am done this pile of beautiful books. A lot of these books were sent to me by authors and I owe it to them to give them my time to read these wonderful pieces of work that they put their time into creating. I love being a part of this community of book lovers and giving my opinions on the various books I read.

From now on, I will be giving myself book deadlines. This means that I will be treating the current book at hand like a school assignment where it is due at a certain date. It is still my hobby because I love reading and loved writing book reports in high school. But I am trying to up my pace at which I can read these bad boys and to finally quench the thirst of the authors that are longing to know my opinion on their masterpieces.

How do you bookworms handle your TBR piles? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Talk soon guys, have to get my nose back in this book!

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6 Comments on “TBR Piles and how to deal with them!

  1. Great idea! My tbr pile is out of control! It’s more of a full book shelf haha. I just don’t have any restraint when it comes to buying new books 😬

    • I know!! It’s such a struggle. I find it so hard to resist buying books. I just have my nose between all the pages 😛

  2. I can’t even call my TBR a pile anymore. It takes up half of my bookcases.. I have no self-control whatsoever, that’s for sure. I’m trying to tackle them, but I can’t seem to stop buying books so I’m pretty much battling an endless war with no end in sight, haha. 😀

    Good luck to you!

    • Haha, I feel the same way, there is one corner of my room that just contains books I have bought or received but haven’t read yet. It’s such a struggle.

  3. I’m a full-time writer, also a book lover and collector. In my living room are six tall bookcases full from top to bottom (and more!). On my writing desk are ten stacks of books, some on the verge of teeter-tottering over at the next desk bump or slammed drawer. In my basement are hundreds of books still packed away from my last move (over fourteen years ago). I’m behind my publisher’s deadline for my latest book, have other books I’ve promised to read and review, and am simply overwhelmed. So, I’ll NEVER get caught up on my reading. Ah, to be young again. . . . 🙂

    • Wow that is a lot of books! I understand the teetering towers. Everytime the cat jumps up on the desk, I fear it will get crashed by falling books 😬

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